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My Week In Books 2/15 – 2/21

Hello bookworms!!

Once again I had another good reading week. I finished another 3 books this week, I would have liked to have finished 4 but 3 is pretty normal for me so I am happy with what I did manage to read. Anyways lets get to the actual books shall we. 

~ Recently Finished ~

The first book I finished this week was Reaper: Aftermath by Jonathan Pongratz. I am part of a blog tour for this next month so you will have to wait for my full review then but I will say that I really enjoyed it. Next up I read Heartstopper vol. 1 by Alice Oseman. This was a really quick read. I probably finished it in like 30 minutes. I put off reading this for the longest time but I am glad I finally read it. Lastly I read Slayer by Kiersten White. This is another book I have put off reading for a long time and I don’t know why. I ended up really enjoying this book. My review for Heartstopper and Slayer will hopefully go up sometime this week. 

~ Currently Reading ~

I currently have 3 books ongoing. The first one being The Dark Tower by Stephen King. Guys I am so glad that I am so close to finally finishing this series. I’ve read 804/1050 pages and I will for sure be finishing it this week. Next up I am reading Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies by Laura Sampler. This book wasn’t grabbing my interest at first but it has grown on me. I’ve read 202/348 pages. Lastly I have started The Taming of the Rake by Kasey Michaels. I’m actually not all that far into this one at this point so I don’t have any thoughts on it yet. I’ve read 38/379 pages.

~ Reading Next ~

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas and Reign of a King by Rina Kent are the last 2 books left on my February TBR.

Can I finish 5 books in 7 days? Honestly I highly doubt it. If I don’t finish Reign of a King this month that will be fine since the live show isn’t until March 5th I believe. I am going to do my best to finish all 5 so I might be MIA for a little bit while I focus on reading. What have you recently finished reading? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to read next? 


12 thoughts on “My Week In Books 2/15 – 2/21

  1. Looks like a brilliant reading week for you! Will Mist and Fury be a re-read for you or is it first time? I’ll be rooting for you to finish all 5 books in a week! What a goal that would be!

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    1. It was a really good reading week!! It will be my first time reading it. Thank you I will definitely be surprised if I actually meet that goal especially since ACOMAF is 600+ pages and I haven’t even started it.


  2. Wow, kudos for tackling The Dark Tower series. I hope you enjoy the end of it. I am not a Stephen King lover, but I know I am in the minority. I hope you enjoy all your upcoming reads Misty.

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    1. Kings books are hit or miss for me. He’s definitely not a favorite of mine. I joined a group a couple years ago where we read 1 book a month of his and I’m surprised I’ve stuck to it this long but reading his books with a group of people has made it more fun. Thank you!!

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