Mini Reviews: Heartstopper Vol. 1, Slayer, The Dark Tower And Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies


Heartstopper Vol. 1 by Alice Oseman

**** (4 stars)

I have been wanting to read this series since the first one released but I kept putting them off because I wanted to have all of them so I could binge read them but I have finally read the first one. The hype for this series is crazy. Heck I was hyping it before I even read it. I think I let the hype get to me. While I did enjoy this book I wasn’t as blown away by it as I expected to be. It’s definitely very cute and the graphics are amazing but I was expecting to want to immediately jump into the next book and that’s just not the case. I am ok with not having the other books to binge back to back. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed this story and I can’t wait to continue on with the series to find out what happens next but I’m not in any rush.


Slayer by Kiersten White

**** (4 stars)

This is another book that I have been wanting to read since its release but I kept putting it off. Honestly I think I let some of the negative things that were being said about it keep me from reading it. I am so glad I finally read it because I ended up enjoying it. There is definitely a lot of Buffy hate in this book which was kind of annoying because I really loved Buffy but I could understand why Nina felt the way she did. Also there aren’t very many vampires in this book at all but that didn’t really bother me seeing as the slayer slays all demons, it’s not just vampires but I know some people really had issues with that. I couldn’t stand how Nina was treated by her mother at first and eventually by her sister as well. I definitely think that the characters grew a lot in this book and I need to get the next book soon because I need to know what happens with a certain character.

The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower by Stephen King

**.5 (2.5 stars)

Ok first off if you haven’t read this series yet and you plan to then skip this review because there are going to be spoilers. I have spent months reading this series with a group on Instagram. We’ve read all 8 books now and I can honestly say I do not understand the hype for this series at all. Some of the books I enjoyed some of them I didn’t enjoy at all. Overall I think this series was drawn out especially after the way this book ended. Like what the hell was the point? Like I am at a loss for words. I should have given up on this series a long time ago. This whole time we’ve been reading I have been wondering why does Roland want to reach the tower so badly? What’s going to be the point? Well the point was for him to reach it only for him to have to start his freaking journey over again. He will forget his previous journey and start over like what. Are you freaking kidding me? I spent hours of my time for there not to really be a point at all. After reading the authors note at the end of this book I get what he says about how it’s about the journey and for the most part I enjoyed the journey to the tower but I wanted so much more from this ending. Well at least I can now say I have read the entire The Dark Tower series. That’s at least an accomplishment.

Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies

Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies by Laura Stampler

**** (4 stars)

When I first started reading this I wasn’t really enjoying it very much but that quickly changed. Harper is a 17 year old (I think) who gets the internship of her dreams. She moves to NY for the summer where she lives with her aunt who actually isn’t her aunt but just an old friend of her moms. I should have expected this going into the book because it’s clearly stated in the title but as soon as Harper starts work at Shift where she is a teen dating blogger she literally starts lying about everything. That frustrated me because I wanted her to just be herself. You can imagine how things go from there. I was so sucked in I had to keep reading waiting for the inevitable blow up when the truth came out which it always does. I love how Harper immediately did the right thing without second thought when it came to her friend Kristina. This book was also pretty funny at times. Have you heard of a Bark Mitzvah or a Pug Prom? Well neither have I and I am not even sure if they are real things or not but it was pretty funny to read about. Also where were the parents? Obviously they knew what was going on with Harper but they never intervened which is very unrealistic considering all of the stuff she was doing. The end also felt kind of rushed but overall I really enjoyed it.



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