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Hello bookworms!!

I am going to be sharing my March TBR with y’all today. Once again I have some very ambitious reading plans and I am going to do my best to get to all of the books but if that doesn’t happen then I am ok with that too. Besides the books I am sharing today I might be starting a graphic novel series this month but I am waiting to here from the person I am going to be buddy reading them with so I am not including them in this post but I could potentially be trying to read more than this. Anyways lets get to the books.

Internment – This is my next buddy read with Erin and the first one for the month. She started it last month. I should have started it then but I was so caught up on finishing all of my February TBR books that I started this one a little bit late.

Later by Stephen King – This book is being released this month and it’s also the next King book that the #Keeperof King group on Instagram is going to be reading.

The Chase – This year I’ve joined The Swoon Sisters Book Club. Each month we will be reading a romance book and this months choice was The Chase. I’m really excited to get to this one. It has been on my kindle for a while now.

This month I asked Erin (who is linked above) to pick books off of my owned physical TBR and these were her picks.

Dear Martin – I haven’t had this book for very long but I am glad I am getting to it sooner than I thought I would.

Roseblood – This had been on my shelf for a while and I have been dying to read it but for some reason I kept putting off reading it. Not anymore I will get to this one this month no matter what because I will also be buddy reading this one with Erin.

Marriage Most Scandalous – This was one of the books I got in the historical romance mystery box from ebay last year. I have heard a lot about this author so I am hoping I will end up enjoying this one. If you didn’t know I am pretty new to historical romance so I am always a little skeptical going into them but I have high hopes for this one just based off the author.

As Old As Time – I am participating in Buzzwordathon this year and March’s buzzword is “Time”. I decided to read another book in the Twisted Tales series. I love Beauty in the Beast retellings so I am really looking forward to reading this one.

Journey to Territory M – I am still working my way through my NetGalley shelf. I read the first book in this trilogy last month and I decided to just continue on with it until I finish it.

Always and Forever, Lara Jean – I added this book because I want to watch the movie that released in February and of course I can’t watch it until I read the book.

Truthwitch – Jade from Jadeyraereads over on Youtube announced the #Witchlandsalong last week and because I like to add a lot to my plate I decided to join. Actually I have really been wanting to read this series and I thought now was the perfect time. We will be reading a book a month leading up to the release of the new book later this year.

The Wedding Game – I got this book last moth through Amazon Firsts Reads. I don’t have a deadline to read this so if I don’t get to it that will be fine but I would like to read it as soon as possible otherwise I will forget about it.

A Court of Wings and Ruin – This one is a maybe read. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about ACOMAF since I finished it a few days ago and it’s making me really want to pick up the next book so I have added it to my TBR just in case I am able to fit it in somehow.

There’s most of the books I hope to read this month. That’s pretty ambitious but the fun is in trying. Have you read any of these books? What are you planning on reading in March?


24 thoughts on “March TBR

  1. You’re going to be tackling a lot of books that have been on my never-ending TBR. I’m really hoping to read Truthwitch and The Wedding Game soon! I hope you love them all!! And of course, I’m so anxious to hear what you think of ACOWAR!

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    1. Yeah you are always reading books that are on my never ending TBR as well. Thank you I hope you enjoy everything you’re planning to read this month as well. If I don’t get to ACOWAR this month I will probably add it next month as a definite read but I’m really hoping to get to it in March.

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  2. I’m currently reading All the Bright Places, What’s Mine and Yours, klara and the Sun, We begin at thevEnd and infinite Country. Not far enough into anything except Bright palaces which I like quite a lot

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  3. Looks like a great tbr! I hope you get around to them all. I started reading the Twisted Tales books too but so far I’ve only read the first two. The Aladdin one was so good!

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  4. I’ve read Dear Martin and As Old As Time. I enjoyed As Old As Time, it’s a true retelling and not a novelization of the movie which is why I enjoyed it. It does get dark and creepy at times, and there are quite a few twists that kept things interesting. Dear Martin is amazing!

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    1. Books and movies don’t typically creep me out so I’m interested in finding out if it gets creepy for me. I just finished Internment which was a little difficult to read so I’m going to read some other books before jumping into Dear Martin.


    1. I was supposed to read the Mr. Mercedes books last year but I didn’t. I’ve read a bunch of his books at this point and I don’t really know which ones would be considered crime. I just kind of consider him a horror writer even though I know all of his stuff isn’t horror.

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