Hello bookworms!!

I am actually sharing my TBR on time this month. Yay me!! I am also once again setting an ambitious TBR for the month but again I don’t expect to be able to get through all of them so it’s just a possibility list. I also might be starting another graphic novel series this month so that’s even more books then what I am sharing today. Saying that though I set an ambitious TBR last month and read all but 2 books so I might actually manage to read most if not all that I plan to. Here are all the books I hope to finish in May.

The Everlasting Rose – Last month Erin and I read The Belles which is the first book in this series and after finishing that one we both decided we wanted to continue on in the series so we are going to be buddy reading this one this month.

Lisey’s Story – This is the next King book that the #KeeperofKing group over on Instagram is going to be reading.

Managed – This year I’ve joined The Swoon Sisters Book Club. Each month we will be reading a romance book and this months choice was managed. This is another one I’ve never heard of before but I can’t wait to read it. I am having so much fun participating in this book club and having live discussions about the book every month with the hosts Nicole and Daijah.

Each month I either have someone pick three books off of my owned TBR or I use a number generator to pick them.  This month I used the number generator and this is what I ended up with.

Shatter Me – I had actually planned to read The Queen of Nothing but I realized I have that planned for June so I had to switch it out and this is the one that was picked.

Starry Eyes – I have a couple books by this author on my shelf but I for some reason never read them despite really wanting to so again I am happy to finally be picking this one up.

This Savage Song – Ok so I own several of this authors books but again have yet to read anything she has written. I think because I have such high expectations for this author I keep putting off actually reading her books but I am finally going to do it.

Hometown Girl – I am participating in Buzzwordathon this year and May’s buzzword is “house/home. I’m pretty sure that when I was going through all of my books to find something to fit this prompt I didn’t have much to choose from which is surprising because house/home is a pretty popular word used in book titles. I don’t really know anything about this book so I am going to be going into this one blind.

The Love Scam – I am continuing on with my NetGalley journey this month. I am pretty sure that out of all the books on my NeyGalley shelf this is the one that has been on it the shortest amount of time.

Batman: Nightwalker – This book is actually one of the 5 books that my husband picked for me to read this year.

Love & Luck – This book is one of the books on my 21 in 2021 challenge.

Two by Two – This book will fulfill the prompt “title contains a number” for the #BB2021FRC challenge and it will also fulfill the prompt “doubled word” for the What’s In A Name challenge.

Jukebox Hero – Last but not least is a book I am carrying over from April’s TBR. I started this last month but didn’t manage to finish it so I will be finishing it in May.

And that’s all the books I hope to read in May. Have you read any of these books? What do you plan to read in May?


9 thoughts on “May TBR

      1. Hope you like it! I enjoyed the first couple in the series, then I was perturbed with the MC for a book or two. Then I enjoyed book 5, but I haven’t finished the series yet. It’s one I’m hoping to wrap up this year.

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  1. This looks like a really awesome TBR! Batman Nightwalker looks really interesting. I read the Wonder Woman book that came out in that “series” and really liked how it was done. I always thought it was fun they wrote them in YA.

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