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Hello bookworms!!

It has been a while since I did a tag post. I have several tags drafted for me to do eventually so if you’ve tagged me  I promise I will eventually get them posted. Today I thought I would do the Never Have I Ever Book tag that Lisa from Way Too Fantasy tagged me to do back in February. Thanks so much for tagging me Lisa!! If you aren’t already following her blog do yourself a favor and go follow her now. Lets get into the tag shall we.


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  3. Answer all prompts.
  4. Add one more prompt of your own.
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  6. Don’t lie.
  7. Have fun!


Never have I Ever.. read a later book in a series – before reading the first book.

I have actually but it was a total accident. Sometimes I will read a book not realizing it is part of a series. Luckily I am usually pretty good at checking before picking up a book to read but there have been a handful of times where I didn’t check first. Oops!!

Never have I Ever.. burned a book.

Umm no absolutely not. I don’t think I would be able to burn a book even if I was being forced to, not even ones I hate. Just thinking about burning a book is making me anxious.

Never have I Ever.. read a book I knew I would hate.

I don’t think I have ever done this. Every time I pick up a book I am hoping to like it. I might have low expectations for it going in but I’ve never picked up a book thinking oh I am going to hate this. Plus who has time to hate read a book?

Never have I Ever.. wrote a fanfiction about my favorite books.

Nope can’t say I have ever done this. I have also never read any fanfiction before at least I don’t think I have. I know there have been authors who wrote fanfiction that got published but I don’t keep up with that so it’s possible that I have read some and just don’t know it.

Never have I Ever.. loved a book when I was young, yet hated it when I got older.

I don’t remember the books I read when I was younger so I can’t really say that I have done this because I just don’t remember. Plus I don’t reread books as much as I would like to.

Never have I Ever.. dressed up as one of my favorite literary characters.

Nope!! First off I am not a creative person so I wouldn’t be able to come up with a costume plus I’ve never been anywhere where I would dress up and I am not confident enough to just dress up in my everyday life.

Never have I Ever.. hated a book by an author I love.

Again this is a no. As we all know by now Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author so I am using him as an example. Most of the books I have read by him have been 4-5 star reads however there has been some 3 stars reads but those books I still enjoyed. I’ve never hated any of his books.

Never have I Ever.. gone into a bookstore to buy one book and come out with many more.

The few times I have been in a bookstore I didn’t have a limit on how many books I was going to buy so the answer for this one is no as well. When I go to Walmart I always go to the book section and I am usually pretty good at only buying one book or none at all but there have been a couple instances where I bought two books but no more than that.

Never have I Ever.. read the ending of a book before reading the beginning.

Ok so I have done this. I used to do this a lot a long time ago. When a book was making me anxious I just had to know if it was going to end the way I wanted it to so I would go and read the last paragraph maybe the last page but I can now say that I haven’t done this in the past couple of years. I’ve gotten better at just holding back and waiting even though it’s hard.

Never have I Ever.. read a book without the dust cover.

I do this all of the time. I can’t stand to read the book with the dust jacket on. They always get in the way and I would always be messing with them because if it’s not on the book right I would have to fix it so I just take them off. The only exception to this is if I got the book from the library because they tape the dust jacket on the book so there’s no taking it off.

Never have I Ever.. skim read nearly half the book.

I’ve never skim read a book period. I can’t skim read books I am always afraid I am going to miss something important so I read every single word in every book I read.

Never have I Ever.. pretended to have read a book that I haven’t.

Nope I don’t really see the point in doing this. If someone asks you if you’ve read a book and you say yes they will inevitably start talking to you about it or asking you questions and then it’s going to become apparent that you have no clue what they are talking about and you will also have probably been spoiled for the book so just no I would rather just tell the truth from the get go and avoid all of that.

Never have I Ever.. saw the movie before reading the book.

Yes I have done this but most of the time I have watched the movie first because I wasn’t aware of the book. The two that come to mind is Forest Gump and I Know What You Did Last Summer. I watched those movies when I was a kid but didn’t become aware of the books until a few years ago.

Never have I Ever.. had a book boyfriend.

All of the time. For the most part every romance I read gives me another book boyfriend but some of them I love more than others like Thomas Cresswell from the Stalking Jack the Ripper series for example.

Never have I Ever.. read a history book or anthropology book for fun.

Nope absolutely not. I read for fun and those types of books aren’t fun for me so I stick to what I know I will enjoy otherwise I would be forcing myself to read something I know I am going to hate and probably end up in a reading slump.

Never have I Ever.. picked up a book based on the cover alone.

Nope. I admit the cover is usually the first thing to draw me in however I will never get a book without reading the synopsis first.

Never have I Ever.. Bought multiple books in a series without having started it.

Umm guilty. I have done this several times. For example I have the entire Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas on my shelves but I have yet to read them. I can give other examples but lets just stick to the one.

Never have I Ever.. kept reading a series even if I didn’t love the first book.

If I hated the book then no I’ve never continued with the series but If I at least liked the book then yes I will move on in the series.

My New Prompt:

Never have I ever.. kept buying books even though my bookshelves are full of unread books

Yes I buy books all of the time even though I have so many books that I have yet to read. I just can’t help myself and I feel like I have to have that new book immediately even though I most likely won’t read it for several months/years.

Tagging: If you have already done this tag or don’t do tags feel free to skip it I just thought it would be fun to see your answers to these prompts.

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  4. Azu
  5. Lynne

16 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever Book Tag

    1. Yeah I think I’m an exception to that because pretty much everyone says they have bought a book based on the cover. I don’t see how people do it honestly I have to know what it’s about before I buy it 😆

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      1. She I actually do go into books pretty blind because I will read the synopsis before buying them but then I won’t read them for months/years after getting them. When I finally get around to reading them I don’t reread the synopsis and by the time I’m reading them I have forgotten what the book is about.

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  1. This is a fan tag post! I also read a hard cover without a dust jacket. Not only does it make it difficult to read comfortably, (it gets in the way) I don’t want to damage the dust jacket itself. I like my books in good condition.
    I also have read the ending to see if the character I’m so emotionally attached to will be safe (he gets involved in a crash landing) 🤣
    I also bought a series without actually starting it just because of their cute covers … guilty as charged!

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