Mini Reviews: What Child Is This & Hometown Girl

What Child Is This

What Child Is This by Rhys Bowen

**** (4 stars)

I saved this book on Kindle Unlimited a while back because someone recommended it as a short read and I am always looking for shorter reads. I picked it up randomly one day when I was out and about and wasn’t in the mood to read the book I brought along with me. I picked this one to read because it was a short quick read coming in at less than 50 pages so I knew I could get through it pretty fast. I went into this one blind so I didn’t realize it was a Christmas novella but I feel like it can be read anytime of year. As I mentioned this is set at Christmas time during World War 2 and we are thrown into the story immediately on Christmas Eve when Jack and Maggie lose everything they own because of the air raids. We follow them from the immediate aftermath all the way through Christmas Day. What follows is how even during war there is still kindness in strangers. We meet several different characters that show kindness in different ways including Jack and Maggie. For what this is it was a great story. It definitely pulled me in and pulled at my heartstrings. My only complaints is that Maggie came off really whiny to me which became annoying and the fact that I wanted more. In the end I was left wondering what happened with some characters but overall an enjoyable read.

Hometown Girl

Hometown Girl by Courtney Walsh

*** (3 stars)

I was expecting a small town romance when I picked up this book but there was more to it than that. I can’t really talk about it in the review because of spoilers though. I loved the romance in this book it was a cute clean small town romance. I do have to mention that I didn’t understand why Drew was having such a hard time telling Beth the truth. I get that he was traumatized as a kid and that played a part but it felt like it was just in this story to prolong it. It was a little repetitive at times and a little pushy on the religious side but that didn’t really bother me but I thought I would mention it for people who don’t like that in their stories. The heroine’s self doubt really became annoying after a while for me. Overall it was an ok read but nothing really memorable.


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