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Hello bookworms!!

I go from not doing tags for a while to posting 2 in one week. I have to admit that I have no idea who Grant Snider is but Michelle from Chelle’s Book Ramblings tagged me to do this bookish tag so I decided to give it a go. If you aren’t already following Michelle’s blog I highly recommend you do. She has a variety of posts including tags and discussions as well as more. The Questions for this tag are based off of the graphic below.

My Bookshelf Tag

1.) Book I couldn’t put down.

P.S. I Like You

The first book that came to mind was P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. I read this entire book in one sitting which I very rarely do and I went into it only planning to make it to the halfway point.

2.) Book I couldn’t Pick Up.

Jukebox Hero

This is a book I am currently reading but I am really struggling with it and I can’t seem to make myself pick it up.

3.) Book You gave me and I haven’t read yet.

As Old as Time

There are several books that could work for this prompt but I chose one that I was gifted back in December for my birthday!!

4.) Book I brought to the beach.

I’ve never actually brought a book to the beach with me. Not because I don’t want to it’s just because I never get to go to the beach.

5.) Book I tried so hard to like.

The Darkest Legacy

I wanted so badly to like this book because I loved every other book in this series but this book just made me so mad.

6.) Book I Own 3 Copies Of.

I don’t own 3 copies of a book. I do own 2 copies of a couple Nicholas Sparks books but not on purpose. I accidently bought another book not remembering that I already owned a copy. I also have 2 copies of a Harry Potter book.

7.) Book that saved my life.

I don’t have a book that literally saved my life so I will say the same thing Michelle said and go with all of them because they give me something to do.

8.) Book I lent … Can I please have it back?

Every book I have ever lent to someone I have gotten back. I’ve not actually loaned out a whole lot of my books.

9.) Book I fall asleep to.

None. I never fall asleep while reading. I will read until I start feeling sleepy and then just finish whatever chapter I am on and then go to bed.

10.) Book I mistook for a hat.

Again what Michelle said Seriously!?!?

11.)Book I’m desperately trying to write.

I have never wanted to write a book and I never will want to write a book. I am perfectly happy just reading every body else’s stories.

12.) Books that changed my life.


I’ve never had a book significantly change my life but I got to thinking and I realized that Twilight changed my life in the sense that it’s the book/series that really got me into reading. I hated reading when I was a kid. When the movie for Twilight came out I watched it and then immediately went and bought all 4 books and read every single one of them in less than a week I was so obsessed and my love for reading grew from there.


8 thoughts on “Grant Snider “My Bookshelf” Book Tag

  1. I totally agree with you, Misty – my friends also often ask me if I would ever write a book because I love reading and writing book reviews. But I think loving books and actually writing a story is a totally different things; I am happy with just reading a ready-made book, I don’t have a creative gene in me lol

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