This Week In Books

My Week In Books 5/10 – 5/16

Hello bookworms!!

Not a whole lot has happened this past week. I went back to my orthopedic doctor for my shoulder. Last month I got an injection so this appointment was the follow up for that. The injection did help a little with the discomfort but not much so the next step was to get an MRI done which I got done on Friday so now I just have to wait for my follow up appointment to see what those results are. As for reading… Well I feel like I am reading like crazy but I am not actually finishing anything. I only finished 1 book this week. This month I have only finished 3 books and only one of those was actually on my May TBR. Anyways here is what my reading looked like this past week.

~ Recently Finished ~

The Babysitter

The only book I finished this week was The Babysitter by Jack Harbon which wasn’t even on my TBR. Bree from In Love & Words raves about his books so I wanted to read them and when I saw this one was on Kindle Unlimited and was less than 50 pages I wanted to read it. I ended up enjoying this one and plan to finish out the series soon because all of the books are really short.

~ Currently Reading ~

These are all of the books I am currently in the process of reading. I haven’t made anymore progress on Jukebox Hero this week because I was focusing on another book. I’m still only 113 pages into it. Also I think I mentioned this last week but I think I might actually end up DNFing this one. I will pick it up one more time at least before deciding. Next up is Two by Two which I haven’t made any progress in for the same reason I just mentioned but I will be picking this one back up soon. I’m still only 81 pages into this book. The book that I spent most of my time reading this week was Lisey’s Story which I am really enjoying. I’m currently 358 pages into this one. I also made a little progress in The Everlasting Rose this week. I’m now 133 pages into this one and I’m liking it.

~ Reading Next ~

This section is the same as last week because I am not finishing any books. Hopefully that will change this week because I really need to start getting through my May TBR.


2 thoughts on “My Week In Books 5/10 – 5/16

  1. I have those weeks where I feel like I did a ton of reading, but I just didn’t finish anything. Often it’s because I just have so many books going. I hope your doc can get some answers for you!

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