Series Review: Encounters By Jack Harbon

The Babysitter

**** (4 stars)

The Brother

**** (4 stars)

The Intern

**** (4 stars)

I veered off of my May TBR but I was in the mood for romance and something quick and Bree from In Love & Words is always raving about this author and I found these short novellas on Kindle Unlimited so I decided to give this author a shot. All of these were 50 pages or less so I thought it would be better to do a series review instead of reviewing them individually.

As I mentioned these are all short quick reads with a little bit of steaminess thrown in. The last book The Intern is the most steamy out of all of them and it was probably my favorite out of the 3 as well. I say it’s my favorite but I enjoyed all of them. They all pretty much had the same premise just different story lines. I only have two complaints really and that is I prefer a HEA (happily ever after) not a HFN (happy for now) although I knew what I was getting into going into these and the endings were really good but still it’s personal preference. Also I would have liked more from all of the stories. As it is I feel like I just got little parts of what could have been a great full length book. I definitely enjoyed this authors writing and would love to read his full length novels.


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