Mini Reviews: The Everlasting Rose, Lisey’s Story & The Love Scam

The Everlasting Rose

The Everlasting Rose by Dhonielle Clayton

**** (4 stars)

If you read my review of The Belles then you know that I wasn’t entirely hooked until the last 10 chapters of that book. Those chapters made me want to read the 2nd book in the series which I also buddy read with Erin. This book picks up right where the previous book left off. This one was slightly more enjoyable. It definitely had more action which made it more enjoyable but I still had some issues with it. First off in this book we are introduced to the Iron Ladies and I found them to be pointless. They really didn’t do anything to add to the story. Had they been elaborated on I might have thought differently. Also the ending was rushed. Plus there was an emphasis on the romance, nothing major but it was talked about throughout the book and in the end we barely touched on that which for a romance lover like myself I didn’t appreciate that. Overall I enjoyed this one slightly more than I did the first book and if there was a third book I would probably read it but I am perfectly happy with the way this book wrapped things up so hopefully this is only going to be a duology.

Lisey's Story

Lisey’s Story by Stephen King

***** (5 stars)

Ok this is hands down my favorite King book I have read so far. As is the case with all of Kings books I went into this book blind so I knew nothing about what it was supposed to be about. I was reading this with the #KeeperofKing group on Instagram and we read it in three parts. IN the discussion for the first part we all pretty much said the same thing. We were really into the story although we hadn’t really been able to figure out what was going on. After that I got sucked in more and more as I read it. Nicholas Sparks’ said it perfectly “It’s a love story done Stephen King style” The emotions in this book were so palpable that I found myself tearing up. Also this is Stephen Kings best ending. At least from the books I’ve read. I always say he has issues getting the endings right in his books but this one ended perfectly for me. I just loved absolutely everything about this book.

The Love Scam

The Love Scam by MaryJanice Davidson

**** (4 stars)

So I pretty much went into this book blind. I did read the synopsis when I received a NetGalley widget via email back in January of 2020 but I didn’t remember what it was about when I started reading it. Based on the cover I was expecting a cutesy romance and while we kind of get that we also get a surprise kid and a con-artist among other tropes. At first it was a little hard to keep up with because we get this stream of consciousness writing but I eventually got used to it. I loved how Rake grows throughout the book and while we always think he’s a stupid playboy he’s actually smarter than he lets everybody believe. You will also find yourself laughing while you’re reading this. One issue I had is how when everything was revealed in the end it was like the characters just moved past it without any consequences. I think there should have been some consequences for certain characters. Also I didn’t realize this was the second book in a series but you can read it as a standalone. I will say that after reading the synopsis of the first one you will get spoiled for what happens so you might want to read the first one before reading this one. Again overall an enjoyable read.

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