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My Week In Books 6/14 -6/20

Hello bookworms!!

I have had another really great week. My husband had his 2nd COVID shot. His arm has hurt a lot this time and he has felt drained and tired but beyond that he hasn’t had any other side effects. I get my 2nd one next week. As for my reading this week. I managed to finish 6 books again this week and just like last week half of them were graphic novels but I am still really happy with how much reading I have been doing the past couple of weeks. Anyways here is a look at the books.

~ Recently Finished ~

The first book I finished this week was Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales and I absolutely loved this book. I wish I would have read it sooner. I then read vol. 4&5 of Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire. I liked them but I didn’t love them. Then I read The One by Kiera Cass which I ended up enjoying despite being annoyed with the characters all throughout the book. I read Lucky in Love by Kasie West. I didn’t enjoy this one as much as previous books I have read by this author but it was still good. I then read the final Sweet Tooth book by Jeff Lemire. I didn’t hate this graphic novel series but I didn’t love it either. I feel like I need more information. This is one of those instances where I think the adaptation is going to be better than the books but I could be proven wrong because I haven’t watched the adaptation yet.

~ Currently Reading ~

As you can see I have a lot of books I have been reading so there are a couple here that I haven’t made any progress in this week because I’ve been focusing on other books. First up is Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks. I’ve still only read 151 pages. I’m 532 pages into The Passage by Justin Cronin and I will for sure be finishing this one this week. I still continue to enjoy this book. I’m 441 pages into The Dark Half by Stephen King and this is another one that I will for sure be finishing this week. This one has been a little slow going but I am still really liking it. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer is the other one I haven’t made any progress on this week. I’ve still only managed to read 14 pages. I did start Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare this week and so far I’ve gotten 18% into it. I am buddy reading this trilogy with Erin.

~ Reading Next ~

These are the last 2 books I have left on my TBR for this month. This week I will probably focus more on the books that I am currently reading but I would like to at least start The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black. As for Black Lace by Beverly Jenkins I will be fine getting to this one next week since the live show discussion won’t be until the first week of July.

What have you recently finished reading? What are you currently reading? What do you plan on reading next? Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned?


7 thoughts on “My Week In Books 6/14 -6/20

  1. Well, I didn’t want to be a spoilsport so I didn’t mention this, but I didn’t enjoy Lucky in Love much, either 🤣 I found the heroine a bit gullible and there wasn’t much of a spark flying around between the main two characters. But I still enjoyed it overall. You did amazing this week, Misty. Hope things will remain that way, happy reading 🙂

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    1. Yeah she was way too gullible and I actually like the romance aspect but there wasn’t enough of it for me. The whole book revolves around the lottery which is fine but I feel like that overtook the whole story. Thank you I hope so too!! Happy reading!!

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    1. Yeah I have been on a roll this month and I’m loving it. I’m not going to finish 6 books again this week but I am on track to finish 4 and that’s still really good. It’s a good series. I will say that the second time around isn’t as amazing as the first time around for me but that’s just because nothing is really a surprise anymore but I am still really enjoying it.

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      1. That’s great! I wish my reading was that productive but I’ve been so distracted lately lol.
        The other day I was at the bookstore and I saw those Clare books and thought about picking them up, I really am going to have to give them a try soon.

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      2. I get in those moods sometimes too so I know how you feel. You will get back to it. I don’t own the books but I definitely want to get my own copies. I hope you enjoy them when you get around to reading them.

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