Mini Reviews: Dog Days Of Summer: Flash Fiction, Sweet Tooth vol. 4: Endangered Species, Sweet Tooth vol. 5: Unnatural Habitats, Sweet Tooth vol. 6: Wild Game & The Dark Half

Dog Days of Summer: Flash Fiction

Dog Days of Summer: Flash Fiction by Barbara Venkataraman

**** (4 stars)

Back in February I read a Valentine version of this and just like last time I decided to read it because Author James J Cudney contributed to it. Come to find out though besides James there were 2 other authors who contributed to this that I have read before so that was a nice surprise. I think something like 15 authors contributed to this and the challenge was to write a 100 word snippet about summer/pets. For what this is I did enjoy it but I will always prefer to have a full blown story because with shorts like this I am left wanting more of the story. Some of the stories I enjoyed more than others of course but it was a quick easy read and I enjoyed it.

Sweet Tooth vol. 4-6 by Jeff Lemire

*** (3 stars)

I don’t have much to say about the last 3 books in this series individually so I thought I would just combine my thoughts for all of them. Overall I thought this series was ok. There was a lot of repetitiveness that got annoying and  I didn’t really connect to any of the characters all that much but in the end I did feel for a couple of the characters. I felt like this could have been a great full length novel story because things needed to be elaborated on more so it didn’t work the greatest in graphic novel format for me but like I said it was ok and I am looking forward to watching the adaptation.

The Dark Half

The Dark Half by Stephen King

***.5 (3.5 stars)

As is the case with every King book I read I went into this one blind. When I started this book I was really enjoying it and I thought I was going to love it but the ending left me underwhelmed. After all of the buildup I was expecting more from the ending but while it was a good ending it didn’t do it for me. I felt like everything was just to clean cut in this one. Overall I still really liked it but it just fell a little flat for me.

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