July TBR


Hello bookworms!!

It’s time for another TBR. I am still participating in the 20 Books of Summer Challenge as well as the Summer NetGalley challenge so I will be picking books from both lists as well as from all my other challenges for the year. I managed to read pretty much everything on my TBR last month but there will be a couple carry overs. As of when I am typing this I don’t really know what I am going to be reading so I am not sure how ambitious this one is going to be but if it’s anything like the rest of the year it will be a very ambitious TBR. Enough babbling here are all of the books I hope to read in July.

Clockwork Princess – Erin and I started reading this trilogy last month and we plan to finish it out in the first two weeks of July.

Rose Madder – This months #KeeperofKing readalong book is Rose Madder. I have no clue what this book is about and honestly I hadn’t heard of it until now. If you didn’t know I participate in a group on Instagram where we read 1 Stephen King book a month. I continue to enjoy doing this even though I don’t always love the books.

Brutal Prince – This months pick for the Swoon Sisters Book Club is Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark. I’m pretty sure this is a newer release and it’s a mafia romance. I could be making all of that up though so don’t hold me to that. This book club was created by Nicole and Daijah and we read 1 romance every month and have a live show discussion. If you aren’t already following their channels over on YouTube you should be.

Two by Two – This book is a carry over from last month which was a carry over from May. I swear I will finish this book at some point. I’ve liked what I’ve read so far I’ve just had so many other books to read. When I actually finish this book it will fulfill the prompt “title contains a number” in the #BB2021FRC challenge and it will fulfill the prompt “double word” in the What’s in a name challenge. I’m currently 151 pages into this one.

Safekeeping – I read Buried in My Past by this author back in February of 2020 and really enjoyed it so when I saw R&R Book Tours offering this book for review I knew I had to read this one as well.

Catwalk – This is another book that was offered for review from R&R Book Tours and my tour date is coming up this month so I need to read it soon.

Tangled Threat – This book has been on my NetGalley shelf since 2019 so it’s way over due to be read.

The Dating Dare – This book is a new addition to my NetGalley shelf this year but since I am participating in the summer NetGalley challenge I am trying to get through as many NetGalley books as I can.

When Sparks Fly – This one is also a new addition to my NetGalley shelf this year and I am looking forward to reading it.

The Last Time I Lied – I am participating in Buzzwordathon this year and July’s buzzword is “last”. I ended up choosing The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager because I have been wanting to try out this author.

The Husband’s Secret – This book will fulfill the prompt “Possessive Noun” in the What’s in a name challenge. If I can finish this one and Two by Two I will have completed this challenge.

The Secret Note – This book will fulfill the prompt “title contains the word secret” for the #BB2021FRC challenge plus it’s a short book so it will be a quick read.

And that’s all the books I hope to read in July. Well actually there is another book I will be carrying over into July but I didn’t include it because it would have messed up the formatting of my post. Anyways have you read any of these book? What do you plan to read this month?


20 thoughts on “July TBR

  1. Best of luck with finishing your TBR. I don’t think I have ever stuck to one, so I hope you do better than I do. I also want to read When Sparks Fly this month, but with Christmas in July, it might be August.

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    1. I’ve always been one to set TBRs but sometimes you just have to mood read. I think I have completed a TBR before but I can’t really remember. I hope you’re able to get to everything you want to get to.

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