Mid Year Check In Statistics

Hello bookworms!!

Over the years I’ve only ever done a Mid Year Freak Out tag as well as updates on my goals/challenges. This year I have decided to add another update post to the mix. I recently saw Aaron do his Half Year in Books post and in his post he separated his books by rating. I wanted to do that as well as share some other statistics with y’all today. I’ve already shared my Mid Year Freak Out Tag so if you missed that just click the link to be taken to that post. I will also be doing a goals/challenge update as well so there will be at least one more post coming maybe two, I haven’t decided yet if I want to make 2 different posts or not. Anyways lets get to the books.


Some Stats:

# of books read this year = 74

# of pages read this year = 23,048

# of owned physical books read = 27

# of owned ebooks read = 10

# of audiobooks listened to = 28

# of books borrowed from the library = 17

Rating Breakdown:

5 stars = 14

4 stars = 40

3 stars = 17

2 stars = 2

1 star (DNF) = 1






Jukebox Hero

As you can tell from the above breakdown of my reading I am pretty good at picking books that I will at least like so the majority of my ratings are 3 stars and above. Of course there are always some that get through that I don’t like as much but that’s bound to happen. So long as it’s just a few here and there I am ok with that. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? How has the year treated you so far?


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