Mid Year Goals Check In

Hello bookworms!!

It’s time for my goals check in for the 2nd quarter of the year which happens to be the mid way point. In todays post I will be sharing how I am doing with my goals and I will share an update for my challenges in another post that will be coming soon.

1.) Complete all of my reading challenges

I am participating in 10 challenges this year and have completed 1 so far and that was the Beat the Backlist challenge however I continue to continue to track it. I have made progress in pretty much all of the other challenges except for 2 but I still feel like I can complete everything.

2.) Cut back on Dr Pepper /lose weight

This is an ongoing process. I feel like I have cut back a lot on drinking Dr Pepper. I do still sometimes have one or now they have Dr Pepper Zero so I will get that sometimes as well but for the most part I drink Gatoraid Zero and water. As for losing weight. I am working on it. The last time I was weighed at the doctors which was in April I believe I had lost 6 pounds. I was supposed to start exercising but I haven’t started yet. I am such a lazy person and I hate working out. I’m still trying to watch what I eat but because money is tight we haven’t really been able to do a lot of shopping for the diet. I will be going to the doctor at the end of the month so I hope I have managed to lose a little more weight.

3.) Put back $5 for every book I read

I have been doing this. As of the end of June I have put back a total of $330 however I have spent some of that so all that I have left at the moment is $190.

4.) Cut back on buying physical books

I’ve still only purchased 7 books so far this year however I have 2 on preorder plus a book box ordered that should come this month that has 2 books in it and I plan to preorder another edition of the book I have on preorder on Tuesday so that will be a total of 12 books once they all come in the mail. I say 12 books is pretty good for me. I feel like I have cut back a lot.

5.) Read more from my owned books

As of the end of 2020 I had 162 unread books on my shelf. As of right now I have 153 which includes the 7 that I bought this year. Without those books added it would be 146. I have to say I have been pretty successful at this one. I still would like to get it lower but so far so good. This is still the same as the first quarter. I of course have some books coming but since I don’t have them yet I am not counting them.

6.) Read everyday

My goal is to read a majority of the days in 2021. I am doing really well with this one as well. So far this year I have read everyday except for 32. I say reading 181 days is pretty good.

7.) Continue with/complete 5 series

At the end of 2020 I had 65 ongoing series. I have of course added onto that number this year so I am now up to 78 ongoing series but I have managed to complete 6 series so far this year. Four of the series I actually started and completed this year but the other 2 were ones I started previously and finally finished this year. There are 6 that I have continued on with plus one that I am not sure if there is going to be another book published or not. Yeah I think this is one I can pretty much say I have completed at this point.

8.) Cut back on ARCs/review copies

I am still sticking to just doing mostly promo posts for blog tours but sometimes I struggle to turn down a book that’s up for review so while I have cut way back I am still getting ARCs.

9.) Build up savings

While I am technically building up my savings by adding money for every book I read that money doesn’t count toward this goal. We were doing so good with this goal in the first quarter of the year and then money started getting tight so we had to use what we had saved up so we are currently back at square one.

That’s all I have for y’all today. I will be sharing my challenge check-in post soon. Did you set any goals for the year? How are you doing on them so far?

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