This Week In Books

My Week In Books 7/12 – 7/18

Hello bookworms!!

I’m trying to think if there is anything worth updating y’all on and I can’t think of a single thing I did. The only thing I did this week was rewatch the Twilight movies once Netflix added them back. I still enjoy the story but watching the movies this time around was a little cringy. I did also read. I managed to finish 3 books this week and one of them was the book that I have been reading for almost 3 months now. Enough of my blabber lets get to the books shall we.

~ Recently Finished ~

The first book I finished this week was a book I read for a blog tour review. I ended up enjoying this plus I learned about something I had no clue about. Lets just say you think modeling is all glamorous and then you read this book which was based off of the authors own experiences and learn about the dark side of modeling. I then finished my reread of Clockwork Princess which I have been buddy reading with Erin. I ended up enjoying my reread of this series but I did lower my rating this time for several different reasons. Last but not least I finished Two by Two which I started reading on May 7 so it took me about 2 and a half months to read it. The first half was slow going for me but by the end I loved it and I was crying like a baby.

~ Currently Reading ~

I’m still reading through Rose Madder with the #KeeperofKing group on Instagram. I’m now 449 pages into it and despite one thing I am really enjoying it. We will be finishing this one this week. I also barely started The Last Time I Lied. I’m only 57 pages into this one so I don’t really have much of an opinion right now. I will say I am very curious as to what happened 15 years ago?

~ Reading Next ~

This is pretty much the same as last week just minus one. I will immediately be reading Safekeeping because I am scheduled for a blog tour review on Friday. After that I don’t know which book I will feel like reading but I will be picking from these.

What have you recently finished? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to read next? Have you read any of the books I mentioned?


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