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Blog Tour Review: Safekeeping By Eva MacKenzie #RRBookTours Book 9 of #20BooksofSummer

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Welcome to the tour for highly anticipated release, Safekeeping by Eva Mackenzie! Read on for more details, my review and a chance to win a brand-new Kindle Paperwhite 32GB (Value 249.99)!



Publication Date: July 20th, 2021

Genre: Thriller/ Suspense Thriller

No one ever thinks they’ll get caught…

Moments before police arrive on the scene of a car accident in rural Montana, Sonia has time to make one phone call. With one word whispered, she sets off an unstoppable chain of events. Once police arrive, she confesses to the brutal murder of her stepsister, Emma.

After, she’s sentenced to life in prison where she learns her stepfather’s ruthless reach. It’s a game of cat and mouse– a game she has already lost. She only needs to hold on long enough to be sure her secret is kept safe.

Until one day, news of an unidentified man’s death confirms her worst fear, and Sonia must get out of prison, at all cost. What did the dead man say, and who heard him say it?

Because everyone is guilty of something…

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She winced and sucked air through her mouth as she pressed on the bridge of her nose.  Murmuring could be heard outside her cell from women nearby. A whisper began, low at first, but climbing to reach her ears: “Green light go, on 216. Green light go, on 216.” 

It was soft and almost childlike, and its echo sent a shiver through her. Green light was code for a hit, and 216 was her cell number. It was like note-passing among the inmates, only she was meant to hear it. Someone had decided it was time for her to die. 

The morning light caught the edge of one of her paintings and she stared back at a likeness only she could see. 

“I miss you,” she whispered. “I’m not done yet.

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My Thoughts

I want to thank the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review when I signed up for this blog tour.

I have read one other book by this author and just now realized they are part of the same series. The first book Buried in My Past I read in early 2020 you can click the link for that review. Now knowing that this is part of a series I would definitely recommend reading them in order. There was a part of this book that didn’t make sense to me until I realized it was part of a series and I refreshed my memory. As for my thoughts on this book I really enjoyed it. Its told from 3 different POVs however Sonia gets the most page time. There was a side story that had to do with Jamie that didn’t feel like it fit the story but as I mentioned it makes sense now. Jamie is the repeat character from the first book. Now that I have figured that out I don’t feel so conflicted about it. This author did a great job at keeping me on the edge of my seat. Every time something was revealed I was thinking there couldn’t possibly be anything left to reveal but I was wrong. For pretty much everything that was revealed I didn’t see it coming however there was one aspect that I guessed. I can’t really say what it is because of spoilers but even though I guessed that one thing I still really enjoyed the story. I will say that when I read a book I want everything to be wrapped up in the end. I don’t want to be left with any questions. There were some things that were implied but not really confirmed so I don’t know if what I think happened actually happened and I am not a fan of not knowing. Now that I know it’s part of a series I am hoping the author plans to do another book and I will get some answers. As I said I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend giving this series a try. I am giving this 4.5 stars.

Eva MacKenzie

About the Author

Eva Mackenzie is an author who enjoys twisty, emotionally engrossing tales. Her debut novel has been a work in progress for over a decade. Under the urging of a loved one, it’s finally finished.

She is a wife and mother living on the east coast. When she isn’t writing, she is spending time with her family, training for her next marathon or reading stacks of suspense novels. Some of her favorite authors are Minka Kent, Dean Koontz, Tami Hoag, and Lisa Jackson.

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