August TBR


Hello bookworms!!

It’s time for another TBR. I’m still participating in the 20 Books of Summer Challenge as well as the Summer NetGalley challenge so I will be picking books from both lists as well as from all my other challenges for the year. I managed to read all but 2 books from my July TBR so those will be carrying over into August. Every month I seem to set an ambitious TBR of 12 books and this month is no different. Here are the books I hope to read in August.

City of Bones – Erin and I have decided to continue reading the books in the shadowhunter world. We are going to be reading the original series now all of which are going to be rereads for her. City of Bones is a reread for me but I never continued with the series so the rest will be new to me. I have actually already finished this one and will most likely be starting the next book City of Ashes soon. I doubt we will be able to get through more than the first 2 books this month because we are spending about 2 weeks on each book depending on how long the books are.

Bag of Bones – This months #KeeperofKing readalong book is Bag of Bones. As is the case with every single King book we read I have no clue what this book is about. If you didn’t know I participate in a group on Instagram where we read 1 Stephen King book a month. I continue to enjoy doing this even though I don’t always love the books.

The Takeover – This months pick for the Swoon Sisters Book Club is The Takeover by TL Swan. I just realized that this is the second book in a series so I have asked the hosts if it’s ok to read it without having read the first one. Depending on what they say I may or may not skip this months book. This book club was created by Nicole and Daijah and we read 1 romance every month and have a live show discussion. If you aren’t already following their channels over on YouTube you should be.

The Twelve – Back in June I read The Passage which is the first book in this trilogy with a few girls on Instagram. The plan was to read 1 book each month starting in June but July was pretty busy for everyone but we are back in august to read book 2. I am so excited to be getting back to this trilogy. I absolutely loved book 1 so I have high expectations for book 2. Here’s hoping I love it just as much.

The Husband’s Secret – This is the first book that I am carrying over from July. I always set myself an ambitious TBR so when I have some carry overs I’m not too fussed about it. I really need to finish this one this month though because it counts for my 20 Books of Summer as well as fulfills a prompt for the What’s In A Name Challenge.

When Sparks Fly – I started this book on the last day of July but I didn’t manage to finish it so it is the other book that I am carrying over from July and this is one I have already finished this month and absolutely loved.

Midnight Sun – I made such a fuss about needing this book when it was released and yet I still haven’t read it. This is on so many of my challenges for this year. It’s going to count toward my 21 books in 2021 challenge, for the buzzwordathon challenge, for the #BB2021FRC (Bookbloggers 2021 Fiction Reading Challenge) and the 20 books of Summer challenge

The Clinch – I am scheduled for a blog tour review for this book with R&R Book Tours on August 13th so keep an eye out for that post coming soon!!

Maggie Dove – I am scheduled for a blog tour review for this book with R&R Book Tours on September 3rd. I usually wait until the month I am scheduled for the tour to read the book but since the tour is early in the month I thought it would be a good idea to read it in August.

Beautifully Broken – This book is on my NetGalley list and it’s one of the books I chose for the 20 books of Summer challenge. This is actually one of the books that has been on my NetGalley shelf the longest so it will be nice to finally get it read.

Vicious – Confession time!! I have 3 maybe 4 books by V.E Schwab on my shelves now and I have yet to read anything by this author. Tell me why I keep buying her books even though I don’t know if I am going to like them or not? Who knows . Anyways the time has come for me to finally pick up a book by this author. This is a book my husband picked for me to read and it is on my 20 books of summer list.

Serpent & Dove – Last but not least I picked this book because I wanted to read more of my owned books. It’s on my 21 books in 2021 challenge list, the #BB2021FRC and my 20 books of summer list.

That’s all of the books I hope to read in August. This is a pretty ambitious TBR not only because there are 12 books on this list but because some of them are pretty chunky books. Can I read all of them? Probably not but I will do my best. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What are you planning to read in August? 


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