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My Week In Books 8/9 – 8/15

Hello bookworms!!

This week was a bit of a boring week. I’ve been reading a lot but I only managed to finish one book. We did have a little bit of a COVID scare this week. As y’all know my mother in law has Cancer and has been getting Chemo treatments since June. She has been doing really well with the treatments the whole time. She gets a little nauseous for a few days but that’s it. Well this week she was really sick. She was throwing up having stomach cramps and she even had no taste which is why they thought she might have had COVID. I took her to urgent care to get the test and luckily it came back negative. I guess the chemo just didn’t agree with her this week. I am taking her to her treatment today and she is hoping that this will be the last one although I am not sure since she had to miss last weeks treatment. This week was supposed to be her last one so lets hope that is still true. She still has to do radiation treatments though. Lets see what my week in reading has looked like.

~ Recently Finished ~

The Clinch

Like I mentioned above I only finished one book this week and that was The Clinch by Nicole Disney. I was sent this book as part of a blog tour I was taking part in and I ended up really enjoying it. Y’all know I love my romance and this was a enemies to lovers sports romance. The sport in this book was new to me but despite that it was still a pretty enjoyable read.

~ Currently Reading ~

I am currently in the middle of 5 different books and I made a little progress in all of them this week. First up is The Twelve by Justin Cronin. I am buddy reading this with a few ladies on Instagram and I am really enjoying it. I will say it was a bummer finding out that we aren’t following the same characters from the first book but I am still fully hooked on this story. I’ve read 204 pages of this so far. Next up is City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare which I am buddy reading with Erin. This is my first time reading this book but this is a reread for Erin. This one is proven to be a quick read and I definitely have some thoughts. I’m 206 pages into this one. Then we have Bag of Bones by Stephen King which is another buddy read with a bigger group of people on Instagram. I am fully invested in the story at this point but I wouldn’t say it’s a new favorite or anything. I am 480 pages into this one. I then started The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. I only managed to read 50 pages so I don’t have much of an opinion yet although I wasn’t expecting to get different POV’s in each chapter. So far there are 3 different people. That was kind of a surprise. Lastly I started The Lost Wife by Anna Mansell. This book wasn’t on my TBR for this month but I needed an ebook to read at night while my husband was sleeping and decided to pick another NetGalley book. I’m 37% into this one and I am really enjoying it.

~ Reading Next ~

These are the last 5 books left on my TBR for this month. Man I didn’t realize how many big books I put on my TBR this month. It’s starting to be a little intimidating. I will save Maggie Dove and The Takeover for the last week of the month so that leaves me to choose from Midnight Sun, Vicious and Serpent & Dove. Which one do you think I should pick up next? I want to read all of them but at this point I don’t see myself reading all of the books on my TBR this month.

What have you recently finished reading? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to read next? Have you read any of the books that I mentioned?


4 thoughts on “My Week In Books 8/9 – 8/15

  1. Glad your MIL was covid free. I hope her radiation therapy goes well. I hope all those big books don’t bog you down Misty. I am listening to The Reading List right now. It is enjoyable, but not as good as I had hoped.

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    1. Thank you so am I. Hopefully so. As of right now we don’t know when she’s going to be able to start the radiation treatment. We found out today that she has to do maintenance chemo every three weeks for a year and we’re not sure if they will do radiation at the same time. So far they aren’t bogging me down. I just didn’t realize I put so many on my TBR and now that I’ve realized it it’s a little intimidating lol but I’m still really enjoying reading so that’s good. I like that title. I actually added it to my want to read shelf after reading your post the other day. I’m sorry you’re not enjoying it as much as you hoped to. Hopefully your next read will be better.

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