#Tropeathon Recommendations Part 2 & Group Read Winner Announcement

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Hello bookworms!!

If you missed the #Tropeathon Announcement Post then you don’t know that Michelle and I have decided it was time to revive our readathon. You can check out the announcement post for all of the information you will need about the readathon. Today’s post is part 2 of the recommendations posts. You can see part one here. You can also see Michelle’s recommendations here and here. We have 24 tropes plus 3 more bonus tropes all of which I think are pretty self explanatory but I will give a brief description of each trope as well as some books that I have read that will fit the tropes. For the most part I have rated all of the books I am recommending 3 stars or more but there are a few that I gave a lower rating to but I included them because I didn’t have anything else. Also don’t worry if I don’t have any recommendations for a trope because Michelle is the queen of recommendations in my opinion. We will also have some going up on Twitter if you want to follow us there.

Before I get into my recommendations I wanted to take this time to announce the winner for our group read. We shared 4 books and asked y’all to pick which one y’all wanted to be the group read and the book with the most amount of votes was…

Survive the Night by Riley Sager is going to be the group read for #Tropeathon in October. You have all month to read it and it even works for the Who Did It? prompt on the bingo board. Ok lets get to those recommendations now shall we.

This is our bingo board for this round.


Age Gap – This is a difference in age between 2 people. It can be as big of a difference as you are comfortable reading about. 

Final Girl – This refers to the last girl or woman alive to confront the killer. She’s essentially the one left to tell the story. I unfortunately didn’t have any recommendations for this trope. 

Royalty – This refers to Kings, Queens, Princes, Princess’, Lords ,etc.  

Dark Secret – This is where one of the characters has a secret that is usually incriminating or shameful and is potentially harmful to the other character and again I didn’t have any recommendations for this trope.

Opposites Attract – This is pretty self explanatory. This is where 2 people who are very different from each other are attracted to each other.

Rebel Against Society – This is where one character doesn’t agree with the rules set by the government and fights it therefor causing a rebellion. 

Ghost House – This is a haunted house or really anything to do with ghosts.

Enemies To Lovers – This is where 2 characters start out hating each other for whatever reason but by the end of the book they have fallen in love.

Music Star – This is where one or more of the characters has something to do with music whether they are in a band or the manager of band etc.  

Tortured Hero/Heroine – These characters don’t trust easily for one reason or another and sometimes are hiding secrets but the other character breaks down their walls.

Techno Babble – This trope just has anything to do with technology. Me and technology don’t get along in real life so I apparently avoid reading about it in books because I don’t have recommendations for this one.

Fake Dating – This is where the two characters pretend to date to get out of doing something and along the way they actually fall in love with each other.



RELUCTANT HERO/HEROINE – This is self explanatory it’s where one of the characters is reluctant to actually get with the other character for whatever reason but in the end they can’t fight their attraction. 


CHOSEN ONE – This is where one character out of everyone is predestined to save the world. I only had one book series to recommend for this trope but I didn’t feel comfortable recommending it. I’m sure y’all know what books I am talking about and while I do love these books I do not agree with the author so I decided to not recommend anything for this trope. 

FORBIDDEN – This is a romance that would be frowned upon. It could be a student teacher romance, step sibling romance, etc.

If you need me to clarify what I mean for any of the tropes please don’t hesitate to ask. I hope you will be joining us in October for our first round back for #Tropeathon. The next thing I will be sharing is my TBR but that will be closer to the end of the month. 


10 thoughts on “#Tropeathon Recommendations Part 2 & Group Read Winner Announcement

  1. For the Chosen One trope, in case someone needs recs, I’d recommend the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson and The Lord of the Rings ofc.
    Others that fit that come to my mind right now are Percy Jackson, Red Queen, the Wheel of Time, His Dark Materials.
    Other options (I didn’t read these but I’m pretty sure have that trope): Red Rising and Nevermoor.

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