Book Hauls

September Book Haul

Book Haul

Hello bookworms!!

So this months book haul is pretty typical. I got several free books on Amazon, I was gifted a couple books which were both a very nice surprise, I was sent one by a publisher, I won a giveaway and another one of my preorders came in the mail. I will say this months haul is smaller than last months haul so that’s a positive. Anyways let me stop talking and just get to what you are all here to see. The Books!!

~ Borrowed ~

If you are interested in trying out Scribd you can use this link to get 60 days free. In return I will get 30 days free. Also every book mentioned in this section I actually read this month. 

  1. The Takeover by T.L. Swan (ebook from Kindle Unlimited)
  2. City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (audiobook from Scribd)
  3. Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King (audiobook from Scribd)
  4. Vicious by L.J. Shen (ebook from Kindle Unlimited)
  5. The City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin (borrowed from library)

~ Free on Amazon ~

  1. Love, Comment, Subscribe by Cathy Yardley (Amazon Prime First Reads)
  2. The Hocus Pocus Magic Shop by Abigail Drake
  3. Kissing Books by Cat Johnson
  4. Violent Delights by Jessica Hawkins 

~ Gifted/Giveaway Wins ~

  1. Black Water Sister by Zen Cho (giveaway win from Jennifer @onenightread)
  2. Red Screen by Stephen King (gifted from Janel @keeperofpages)
  3. Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice (gifted from Crystal @crystals_library)

~ Sent by Publisher ~

  1. What Remains An Inked In Gray Anthology by multiple authors

What Remains

~ Purchased ~

  1. The Grip Series Box Set by Kennedy Ryan (All 3 ebooks were .99 so I of course had to buy them)
  2. The Wish by Nicholas Sparks (I preordered this book and will continue to preorder everything he writes)

That’s an additional 10 (technically 12 since one of them was a box set) added to my TBR. I also just realized that I actually hauled the exact same amount that I hauled last month. I completely forgot one of them was a set of 3 books. I added 8 ebooks to my kindle and 4 physical books to my shelves. Have you read any of these books? Are any of them on your TBR?



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