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#Tropeathon Update 2

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Hello bookworms!!

We are now halfway through October and it’s time for another update on my progress in #Tropeathon. After last weeks update this weeks update is a bit of a bummer. I have made some progress but nowhere near as much progress as I did last week. My weekend of babysitting messed up my reading groove but I am hoping to get back into it soon. While I didn’t read near as much this week as I did last week I am still happy with the progress I have made so far this month. We still have 2 weeks left so there’s still plenty of time for me to get through my TBR.



This week I read 2 more books for #Tropeathon. So I have now read a total of 8 books and marked 10 tropes off of the main board and I’ve marked 2 of the bonus tropes off as well. I didn’t think I was going to get this weeks bonus trope read but I started it yesterday and managed to finish it earlier today. If I can read the last bonus trope I will be able to mark 6 tropes off of the main board without having to actually read them. My goal is to read everything but if by the end of the month I am unable to read everything I will be able to use these so I am saving them for now. If you are participating in Tropeathon this month how are you doing? Have you gotten a bingo yet? Don’t forget to use #Tropeathon across all social media and follow us over on Twitter @Tropeathon1 and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any of our posts.


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