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Lost In Romance Book Club!!


Hello bookworms!!

I have an exciting announcement to share with y’all today!! Well, it’s exciting for me and I hope it will be exciting for some of y’all as well. Michelle and I have created a book club!! If the title didn’t give it away this is a book club all about reading romance. I know not everybody loves romance but Michelle and I both love romance, so we knew immediately that we wanted to create a book club where we read romance books every month.


We’ve created a group on Goodreads. We thought this would be the easiest place for us to interact with everyone and talk about the books that we read. Each month we will pick a book to read and then throughout the month we can interact and talk with each other about them. We have picked the Book for January already. This is a new group so we are learning as we go but we do hope to have it to where people in the group will help us choose the books each month. If you love romance as much as we do I hope you will consider joining us. You don’t have to participate every month if a book we have chosen isn’t for you that is totally fine we would still love to have you even if you only read 1 of the books we read throughout the year.

That’s all I have for y’all today. I’ve always wanted to create a book club and now I have thanks to Michelle. I wouldn’t have done it on my own. Please join our Goodreads group and read along with us next year!!



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