January TBR


Hello bookworms!!

I thought I should probably go ahead and share my TBR for the month before continuing with the end/beginning of the year posts otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing it until the end of the month and by then it would be too late. I haven’t really had enough time to plan my TBRs for all of my challenges yet so this TBR is going to be a small one just know that I hope to read more than this.

Billy Summers – For the past couple of years I have participated in the #KeeperofKing readlong group on Instagram and I am continuing on with that this year. January’s book pick is Billy Summers. I know absolutely nothing about this book besides that it’s one of his newer releases.

Indigo Ridge – This year Michelle and I have started our own book club where we will be reading romance books every month. Our first pick is Indigo Ridge by Devney Perry. When Michelle first suggested this book I read the synopsis but I have since forgotten what it’s about so I know nothing about this book either. If you would like to join our book club we would love to have you. you don’t have to participate every month if you don’t want to. We have created a group on Goodreads because that seems to be the easiest place to be able to do discussions with a bunch of people.

The Burning World – This is a book I am buddy reading with Jonny. It’s the second book in a series and you’ve actually already seen our Buddy Reads and Rants post for this book but in case you missed it you can click the link.

Second Chance – In my most recent book haul revisited post I said I wanted to start picking 1 book from the list that I haven’t read yet to read in the month that I shared the post just as a way to help me read more. If you want to see the entire list click the above link. I ended up going with Second Chance by Natasha Preston.

How to Love Your Neighbor – This is the last book on my NetGalley shelf and it’s being released on the 18 of January. It also works for this months Buzzwordathon prompt.

Again, but Better – This is another book I am buddy reading this month and this time it is with Erin. Erin and I have been doing monthly buddy reads for the past 2 years now I believe. We needed a break from the Shadowhunter world so we decided to go with this book. Once again I am going in not knowing a whole lot about this book.

The Love Hypothesis – Last year Nicole and Daijah created The Swoon Sisters Book Club. I participated last year and since I created my own book club this year I’m not sure how much I will be able to participate this year but I want to try because it means I get to read more romance. January’s book pick is The Love Hypothesis and again I know nothing about this but a lot of people have been raving about it.

Rage – This is a hopeful!! There are some of Kings books that the majority of the #KeeperofKing group has read but I haven’t yet so I am trying to work my way through those. Rage is a short story that he wrote under the name Richard Bachman. I say this is a hopeful because I am getting the book from the library. It’s the Bachman Books and it’s supposed to have all 4 of the short stories in it including Rage but we will see if that is true once it comes in. I am buddy reading this with Nina who is from the group on Instagram and like me she hasn’t read this one yet.

That is my TBR for January but of course I hope to read more than 8 but the way my month is going I will be lucky to get through these. So far this month I have only finished 1 book and we are already almost halfway through the month. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What do you plan to read in January? 


10 thoughts on “January TBR

  1. I fell into that same boat of realizing my tbr / wrap ups were getting shadowed by yearly posts xD it’s all good! Hope you have fun reading & finding the rest of your challenge books 😊

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  2. The Love Hypothesis is one I’ve seen a looooot. So tempting to pick it up as well but I’m strictly limiting myself to not buying books in any way and I haven’t restarted my Scribd-subscription – hopefully I can keep it that way, haha.

    Every time I see ‘netgalley’ I’m tempted to check it out and maybe request some but since I don’t want to commit to posting reviews right now, that wouldn’t be a smart move to make. 😀

    Good luck with your TBR, Misty!

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    1. I don’t know what I would do with lout my Scribd subscription. I’ve seen The Live Hypothesis around a lot to and everything I’ve heard about it has been positive so I’m looking forward to reading it.

      Yeah I don’t blame you although I have to say I requested books in 2017 and just got around to reading them in 2021. Not great but it is what it is.

      Thank you so much!!


      1. It’s getting on my nerves a bit now that I cancelled my subscription. But that has more to do with me sometimes wanting to switch to reading on my phone and now not having that option unless I buy the ebook and I refuse to go there.

        I’m pretty sure I’d have some catching up to do if I wanted to start using Netgalley again. Not to mention my stats are ‘worst case scenario’ compared to back then, hehe.

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      2. Right now I’m having some issues with NetGalley. For some reason the books aren’t sending to my Kindle. I’ve reached out to NetGalley and they’ve done everything on their end so now I have to reach out to Amazon to see if they can fix it.


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