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My Year In Books 2021

Hello bookworms!!

It’s time to share some statistics. I get these statistics from Goodreads and The StoryGraph as well as I keep track of some on my own and of course not all of the numbers add up the same so I will be sharing the numbers from all 3 places. I also just want to point out like last year I am separating this into 2 posts otherwise this would be a very long post. You will get this post and then you will get a post of every book I read in 2021 with pictures and links to my reviews. Both posts will be going up today so keep an eye out for the other one to be posted very soon. Without further ado here is my year in books for 2021.


Once again I wasn’t able to add all of the books I read on Goodreads. I actually ended the year reading 135 books. There were 2 books I read earlier in the year that wasn’t on Goodreads but I counted them in my final numbers. As is the case every time I do these posts I have a different page count number from Goodreads, StoryGraph and myself. As you can see above Goodreads says I read 43,596 pages. The StoryGraph says I read 42,635 pages and my final tally was 45,586 pages. I would say mine is the most accurate because it counts the 2 books I wasn’t able to log on Goodreads and it also counts the books I DNFed but just the pages that I actually read to before I DNFed the book. 



The shortest and longest books I read this year were both by Stephen King. I knew the longest book was going to be a King book, but I wasn’t expecting the shortest book to be King as well. The shortest book I read this year was Red Screen by Stephen King coming in at 17 pages and the longest book was The Stand by Stephen King which was a whopping 1,439. The Stand was probably my biggest accomplishment of the year and one I am really proud of. My average page length has gone down 5 pages from last year which comes as a surprise because I feel like I read a lot more big books this year. 



The least popular and most popular book doesn’t really surprise me but the highest rated does. Not because it doesn’t deserve it because it does it’s just that I’ve never seen anyone talk about this book so I didn’t think it was a popular book. 


Now we are into the stats from The StoryGraph. I said this last year but I love how this site breaks it down for us. This is the moods of the books I read in 2021. If you click on a color you will then get a list of all of the books that fit that mood. I definitely feel like I read a lot of adventurous and emotional books this year.


This doesn’t surprise me just like last year I read more fast paced books but the percentage is down from last year. Last year over half of the books I read were fast paced now medium paced books are sliding in.


Like I mentioned above I feel like I read a lot of bigger books this year so the fact that 500+ is only at 13% is a little bit surprising. I feel like that should be higher. Otherwise, it’s pretty spot on for what I tend to read. 


This is completely wrong. I read 1 Non-Fiction book this year and I didn’t even finish it. I DNFed it so it doesn’t even count. I went and looked to see what books they were counting as non-fiction and none of them are non-fiction. This happens sometimes with the stats on StoryGraph. It doesn’t always make sense. 



This is my favorite stats breakdown that The StoryGraph does because I am horrible at figuring out what genre each book I read is and they do all the work for me and just like last year I am not surprised that Romance is my most read genre. 


My average rating on Goodreads was 3.9 which you saw above. I wanted to include this here because on The StoryGraph you can do .25, .5, and .75 star ratings and my average rating on there came out to be 4.07 which sounds about right. 

My Star Ratings

  • 5 stars – 29
  • 4 stars – 60
  • 3 stars – 32
  • 2 stars -3
  • 1 star- 2

This is pretty typical for me. I usually give out a lot of 3 stars and above. I had 2 DNFs which is what my 1 star ratings are for. 

Borrowed From Library – 19

I got back into using the library this year but not as much as I would like mostly because I was trying to read more of the books that I owned.

Audiobooks Listened To – 55

I listened to 55 audiobooks this year which was 5 more than I listened to last year. I honestly don’t know what I would do without my Scribd subscription. 

Owned Books -59

I didn’t read all of the books I had planned to read at the beginning of the year but I still made some progress on my owned TBR. Some of them were physical books and some were ebooks. I didn’t keep up with how many of each I read. I will try to do better this year.

That’s all for this post. Let me know how your year was in the comments below? What was your most shocking statistic? If you want to see all of the books I read in 2021 that post will be coming later today. 





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