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My Week In Books 2/7 – 2/13

Hello bookworms!!

Excuse my language but 2022 fucking sucks!! If this is what it’s going to be like I don’t want it!! I found out this week that my uncle was in the hospital with COVID. I had a mini heart attack because I was told he had taken a turn for the worse and when someone says something like that, I think they are dying. I was able to get ahold of my granny and talk to her and while he is really sick the way she was talking he wasn’t as bad off as someone made him out to be. However, the next day I found out he had double pneumonia and Saturday morning I got a phone call telling me they had to put him on a ventilator the night before and by Sunday they had called my aunt to the hospital. The doctors are telling my aunt that he has no chance his organs are trying to shut down on him. Saturday evening my mom called me to tell me another uncle of mine has COVID. As for my mom and Grandpa they are both feeling better than they were when they first got COVID, but they aren’t completely back to normal. I have my preop appointment this morning for my gallbladder surgery which will be Wednesday but at this point I still don’t know what time the surgery will be. I am hoping for a morning surgery because I don’t want to have to go without food and water all day. So yeah, as I mentioned if this is what 2022 is going to be like I don’t want it. As for the books I’ve been reading like crazy this week. It’s kind of been helping me take my mind off of everything.

~ Recently Finished ~

The first book I finished this week was The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren. I am so glad I decided to join Bailie’s buddy read of this book this month because I ended up loving it. I can’t wait for everyone to finish the book so we can have our discussion on it. I then finished Unconditional Love by Alexa Whitewolf, and this was an ok read. We get the POV of a dog and that kind of threw me a little bit and honestly while that was cute, I could have done without that part. I then read Regretting You by Colleen Hoover. I’ve read a few of her books at this point and every time I end up enjoying them. Some more than others of course but still I think she might be becoming a favorite author. last but not least I read Dirty First Dates: Halloween Haunt by Harley Laroux. This was a very short read coming in at a little over 30 pages. For the most part I enjoyed it, I think. I just read it last night, so I need to think about it a little bit.

~ Currently Reading ~

Why yes Again, but Better by Christine Riccio is still on my currently reading shelf, but I am hoping to finish the last 18 chapters this week. I’m still really enjoying this. The only reason I am reading it so slowly is because this is a book I am buddy reading and we started out reading 5 chapters a week and then upped it to 10 chapters a week. The only other book I am currently reading is Different Seasons by Stephen King. This is a collection of 4 short stories and this week I read the second story and I enjoyed it.

~ Reading Next ~

#Tropeathon starts today, and these are the 5 books I am hoping to get through in the next 2 weeks. I also still have 4 books left on my main TBR that I will try to squeeze in if I can but these 5 are going to be my main priority. The Savage and the Swan is also this months Lost in Romance Book Club pick. I’m not sure which one of these I want to start with. Which one do you think I should read first?

What have you recently finished reading? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to read next? Have you read any of the books I mentioned?


15 thoughts on “My Week In Books 2/7 – 2/13

    1. Thank you Ali!! We did get a little bit of good news this morning. The doctors said he’s made a little bit of improvement and they are going to go ahead with dialysis but he’s still not out of danger yet. Thank you so much for all the prayers and the hugs you have no idea how much it means to me!! 💕

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      1. That’s great! I’ll for sure keep praying for continued improvement. I know I’ve been through some rough patches where it felt like prayers were all that was getting me through.

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  1. I’m so sorry 2022 has been so rough on you and your family, Misty! I hate that for you all. 😦 I hope things start looking up soon and that your uncle makes a good recovery, and I hope your surgery goes smoothly and you get an early morning time to get it over with! ♥

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    1. Thank you Destiny!! We got a little bit of good news on my uncle yesterday. The doctors said he’s mad a little bit of improvement and have decided to go ahead with dialysis. He’s still not out of danger yet but he’s fighting. I have to be at the hospital at 7:30 this morning so I would say I got my wish cause that really freaking early 😂

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