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My Week In Books 7/25 – 7/31

Hello bookworms!!

We’ve had a pretty eventful week this week. First the breaks on my husband’s truck were going bad so he had to park it for a few days and drive my car. Thankfully my check finally went in the bank, so he was able to order the parts and fix his truck so he’s back to driving it now. Last week I mentioned that my orthopedic doctor ordered a nerve test for the pain I’ve been having in my hands/wrists/arms. I had that appointment Wednesday. It was 2 different tests. One was an electric shock and one involved a needle. The electric shock wasn’t all that bad. He done it several times in both arms and there was only one spot that kind of hurt. Now the needle was the worst part of it. It wasn’t the worst pain I’ve ever been in but it wasn’t great either. He poked me 6 times in each arm. Out of the 12 pokes I only bruised in one spot so that’s something. Unfortunately, I want know the results until the 8th when I have my follow up appointment. On the way home from that appointment my car started acting really weird. I know nothing about cars so I didn’t know what was going on and of course the one time I go by myself is the time the car chooses to act up. Long story short my car is now parked until we can afford the parts to fix it. It needs like 4 or five things replaced at least according to the scanner that told us what is wrong. It’s going to be around $200 for everything and hopefully that will fix the problem. My mother in law had her last chemo treatment this week as well. I felt so bad because I wasn’t able to take her because of my car but luckily someone else was able to take her. So yeah lots of car trouble and doctors appointments this week. On top of all of that I was still able to finish 3 books so lets look at what my reading looked like this week shall we.

~ Recently Finished ~

The first book I finished this week was Come True: A Bomb-Ass Genie Romance by Brindi Quinn. I read this as part of a blog tour, and I absolutely loved it. I can’t wait for the next book in the series. I then read I Am Not Ok by K. Lucas which I also read as part of a blog tour, and I enjoyed this one but because of my personal preferences there was an aspect that I didn’t particularly like. Last but not least I read Frankie and Bug by Gayle Forman. I buddy read this with Erin, and I really enjoyed it. For a middle grade it dealt with a lot of heavy subjects which for the most part I wasn’t expecting but I loved how it handled everything. Despite is dealing with heavy topics I still thought it was a cute read.

~ Currently Reading ~

I’m still currently in the middle of 2 books. I’m getting closer and closer to finishing Under the Dome by Stephen King which I’m buddy reading with Nina over on Instagram. In fact, I will be finishing this one this week. I’m currently 83% through it. I’ve really been enjoying this but with every chapter I read I get angrier and angrier because of how things are going down. The ending of this book will definitely determine my overall feelings on this book. I also got back into Waking Gods by Sylvain Neuvel this week which I am buddy reading with Destiny. I’m enjoying this but there is a lot of science crap that is going over my head so that’s hindering my enjoyment a little bit. I’m 81% into this and will hopefully be finishing it sometime today.

~ Reading Next ~

A Wedding at Sandy Cove

I haven’t shared my August TBR yet and I don’t want to spoil that so I am only going to share the one book that I will be starting immediately because I am on the blog tour for this on Thursday. I am going to be starting A Wedding at Sandy Cove by Bella Osborne sometime today. I haven’t read anything by this author before but the cover is stunning, and the synopsis is intriguing so I am looking forward to reading it.

What have you recently finished reading? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to read next? Have you read any of the books I mentioned?


11 thoughts on “My Week In Books 7/25 – 7/31

  1. I am glad your hubby got his brakes fixed, but too bad about your car. We have to be careful when there is a problem. I have gradually been getting things done on my car, as I cannot afford a new one right now, so I understand the frustration and expense. Yay, that your MIL had her last chemo treatment. I hope she gets good news now. I just began listening to The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. James, and reading The Locked Away Life by Drew Davies. I hope you have a good week, Misty.

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    1. Thank you so much Carla!! Yes it’s definitely very frustrating. I can’t afford a new car either heck I can’t really afford new parts be we gotta make it work because I can’t be without a car. I don’t know when she has to go back but I hope it’s good news from here on out. I’ve seen that book around how are you liking it? I haven’t heard of The Locked Away Life. I hope you have a good week too Carla.


  2. Hate you’re having lots of issues, but yay for your mother-in-law. I hope you get some answers after dealing with the pain, and that you can get your car running smoothly, quickly, and inexpensively!

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  3. Seems like if one thing goes wrong at least two more will follow it. I’ve been making calls to the plumber, appliance repairman, and vet (just for vaccinations). Hope you have a better week, Misty!

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  4. I really hope the ending saves Under the Dome for you, I have not read this King book personally, but I have heard mixed things. I feel like it one of the books you really like or you don’t like lol.

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      1. Oh boy, then I am really interested on how you feel at the end. I personally never enjoyed dislikable characters or ones who are jerks without being the “bad guy” or antagonist in general.

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