Fall 2022 TBR (September 22, 2022 – December 21, 2022)


Hello bookworms!!

It’s time to share my picks for my Fall TBR. Seasonal TBRs were new to me this year. I’ve always done monthly TBRs and I thought seasonal TBRs would be just as easy but it turns out it’s not. At least not for me anyways. This will be my last seasonal TBR. I’ve decided not to continue doing them for next year. Anyways here are the 5 books I hope to get to this fall season.

  1. Kingdom of the Feared by Kerri Maniscalco – I’m anxiously waiting for my preorder of this book to come in the mail. It releases in a few days, so I don’t have to wait to long.
  2. Dracula by Bram Stoker – I tried reading this book several years ago but I didn’t get that far into it before I put it down and never picked it back up. I just wasn’t in the mood to read it back then. I’ve really been wanting to give it another try and this time I will be buddy reading it with Erin. We plan to read it in October.
  3. Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks – This is another book I preordered, and I actually already have this one but I’m not able to pick it up immediately. I’m hoping that I will actually read this one before the end of the year. Hopefully the same thing won’t happen with this one that happened with The Wish last year. I still haven’t read that book.
  4. My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell – I bought this recently and Destiny suggested we buddy read it and of course I said yes. This is another buddy read for October and it’s one book that won’t have to sit on my bookshelf for weeks/months/years unread.
  5. Book Lovers by Emily Henry – I had to throw in this book one because I need some romance in my life and two because this was the Lost in Romance book club pick for July, and I still haven’t read it. I am determined to read all of the books for my own book club, and I do really want to read this one.

That’s all for today’s post. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Are any of them on your TBR? Do you do seasonal TBRs? Are you actually good at sticking to them? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!



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