This Week In Books

My Week In Books 9/19 – 9/25

Hello bookworms!!

I don’t have any life updates for y’all this week. It’s been a pretty low-key week. As for my reading I am kind of struggling. I’ve been reading but the book I am reading is really slow, so I feel like I am barely making progress. Some of you may be saying why don’t you just DNF it and the answer would be because I am really enjoying the story. Anyways enough blabbing let’s get to the books shall we.

~Recently Finished ~

I haven’t finished anything this week. Not a single book. I was supposed to share 2 blog tour reviews this week, but I have fallen behind on my reading. I feel so bad that I wasn’t able to share my reviews on time, but it happens. All I can do is continue to read and post them whenever I can.

~ Currently Reading ~

I still haven’t picked A Very Large Expanse of Sea back up and I didn’t make any progress in Queen of Air and Darkness because of the next book. I’ve been reading A Kingdom of Flame and Fury by Whitney Dean for over a week now and I feel like I’m getting nowhere with it. This is the book that is so slow. It’s also one of the books I was meant to review this week. I’ve only recently reached the halfway point. I was hoping the pace would eventually pick up but so far it hasn’t. I am really enjoying the story though so that’s a plus.

~ Reading Next ~

There are 6 books left on my September TBR. There’s no way I am going to read 6 books in 5 days so some of these will have to carry over into next month. A Lesson in Love and Death is the other book I was supposed to review this week so it’s a priority. I am going to read It Was You next because I’m on the blog tour for this one on Wednesday and I really don’t want to fall further behind on my blog tour review books. As for the rest of them I will probably not be able to get to any of them until next month.

What have you recently finished reading? What are you currently reading? What do you plan to read next? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? 



8 thoughts on “My Week In Books 9/19 – 9/25

  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes a book doesn’t have to be fast paced to still be good. Hope you get caught up soon, though. I know that can be stressful. I’ve started The Girl Who Belonged to the Sea, and I’m enjoying it. I loved Book Lovers. You have some good ones on deck!

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    1. I didn’t realize just how much I can’t stand slow books until reading this book. I can’t decide if still really enjoying it is a good or bad thing though lol. Yes it’s very stressful but I’m doing what I can and that’s all I can do. I’m so glad you’re enjoying The Girl Who Belonged to the Sea. It looks like I’m going to have to push reading that one until October and that will make 2 books I need to catch up on for the Lost in Romance book club. I’m just faking behind on everything lately. I have a feeling I’m really going to love Book Lovers too so I really need to get to it.

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  2. I know I am reading this over a week after you posted, so I am hoping your reading mojo has picked up a bit, Misty. I was listening to a book that I got from Netgalley, but is is just not hooking me, so I stopped and picked up something else. I will get back to it in a few days and see it I can connect. It happens.

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