October TBR


Hello bookworms!!

It’s time to share my reading plans for October. I have a long list of books I need to get through for this month as well as some books that are carrying over from last month. Honestly, I’ve been struggling with reading lately but most of what I need to get read are for blog tours/reviews, so I have to push through and get them read. I’ve already fallen behind on 2 books and I don’t want to add to that list, so I am going to do my best to get through all of these. Luckily this is the last month where I have a lot of books to review for blog tours so I will get a highly needed break. Anyways I’m going to get to all of the books I hope to read this month. Stay tuned to the end because I thought I would share my watching plans for the month as well.

Love & Agita – This is the first book I need to read for a blog tour for Rachel’s Random Resources. My stop for this one is on Monday the 3rd.

The Maze Cutter – This is for a blog tour with R&R Book Tours and my stop for this one is on Friday the 7th.

The Mistletoe Mixtape – You guessed it another book for a blog tour and this one is with Rachel’s Random Resources. My stop for this one is on Sunday the 9th.

The Love Arrangement – And yet another book for a blog tour with Rachel’s Random Resources. My stop for this one is on Friday the 21st.

Cell – My first non-blog tour book. This is this month’s pick for the #KeeperofKing readalong group I participate in over on Instagram and luckily, it’s a shorter one.

Come One Come All – And we are back to blog tour books. This one is for R&R Book Tours and my stop is on Thursday the 27th.

The Mystery of the Tea Cup Quilt – This is for a blog tour with R&R Book Tours and my stop is on Friday the 28th.

Altered Helix – This is the last book I have to read for blog tours that are still to come but I have 2 on this list that I have to catch up on. This is a blog tour with Rachel’s Random Resources and my stop is on Sunday the 30th.

My Dark Vanessa – This is a book I am buddy reading with Destiny this month. I bought this recently and when she suggested we buddy read it I of course agreed to it because I love buddy reading.

Dracula – This is another buddy read for the month. I tried reading this years ago but didn’t get very far into it. I’ve been wanting to give it another try so I asked Erin if she wanted to read it with me and she agreed.

Hook, Line, and Sinker – This is this month’s pick for the Lost in Romance book club that I cohost with Michelle.

A Lesson in Love and Death – I was supposed to share my review for this during the blog tour that was on September 23rd but I fell behind in reading so I need to get this one read and reviewed as soon as I can.

The Girl Who Belonged to the Sea – This was September’s pick for the Lost in Romance Book Club and I wasn’t able to get to it but I really want to so I am going to try to fit it in this month.

Book Lovers – This was July’s pick for the Lost in Romance book Club, and I wasn’t able to get to it then and haven’t been able to fit it in anywhere since apparently. I am determined to read all of the books for my own book club so I really need to catch up.

A Kingdom of Flame and Fury – This is the second book that I was supposed to share my review for during the blog tour on September 22nd and I just couldn’t get it read on time. I have started this one and I’m enjoying it but it’s so slow. It’s part of what caused me to fall behind on my reading in the first place.

Wow that’s a lot of reading and I don’t know if I can do it. Like I said I’ve been struggling recently with reading. I only managed to read 7 books in September which I believe is the lowest amount I have read in a month all year. All I can do is my best, so I am going to keep telling myself that while I’m stressing out about everything I need to read.


So, this year I decided I wanted to try and watch something spooky everyday in October. It doesn’t even really have to be spooky I just want it to fit into the season in some way. I don’t know if I have 31 things to watch yet but if you have any suggestions of what I should watch I have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Paramount+ so please leave some suggestions down below. Here is a tentative list of things I am considering watching.

  1. Jurassic Park
  2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  3. Jurassic Park 3
  4. Jurassic World
  5. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
  6. Jurassic Worl Dominion
  7. Pirahana
  8. Snow White and the Huntsmen
  9. Dracula
  10. Quija Origin of Evil
  11. The Chestnut Man
  12. The Chainsaw Massacre
  13. Are You Afraid of the Dark
  14. The Mortal Instruments City of Bones
  15. IT
  16. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
  17. Locke & Key
  18. Fear Street Part 1 1994
  19. Goosebumps
  20. Red Riding Hood
  21. The Haunting of Hill House
  22. Shadow and Bone
  23. The Haunting of Bly Manor
  24. Fear Street Part 2 1978
  25. Fear Street Part 3 1666
  26. World War Z
  27. Scream 4
  28. Carrie
  29. A Quiet Place
  30. A Quiet Place 2
  31. Interview with The Vampire
  32. FireStarter
  33. Children of the Corn
  34. When a Stranger Calls
  35. Buddy the Vampire Slayer
  36. Teen Wolf

Well, I have way more things to watch then I thought I did. I would still like y’all to leave you suggestions down below because I might not be in the mood for some of these when the time comes.

That’s all I have for today. Wow that was a long one to put together. Wish me luck on my TBR and don’t forget to leave your suggestions on things for me to watch this month. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What do you plan on reading this month?



17 thoughts on “October TBR

  1. BUFD7EUGRUE I LOVE THIS POST SO SO MUCH AND YOUR PLANS SOUND LIKE SO MUCH FUN??!! I’m so sorry about all the stress blog tours have added though 😭 HOPE THE BOOKS TURN OUT FABULOUS AT LEAST!! I desperately want to read all the Emily Henry books and am ridiculously excited like that. ALSO YOUR WATCHLIST SOUNDS AMAZING I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST OCTOBER!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Anoushka!! 💕 It’s my own fault I overbooked myself by accident. I have high hopes for all of them so hopefully they all live up to them!! 🤞🏼 I want to read all of her books as well and I haven’t even read anything by her yet. Thank you. Some of them will be rewatched and some will be new to me. I hope I can actually stick to my plan and watch stuff from that list. I’ve been addicted to Heartstopper recently. I’m currently rewatching it for the 5th time in 4 days!!!!! I hope you have a great October as well!! ❤️


  2. I already read the Lost in Romance pick for this month. I thoroughly enjoyed the last two, also. You have some good reads coming up, and I can’t wait to see what you think of some of these others. Hope October treats you well!

    Liked by 1 person

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