Tropeathon Is Back!! November 14th – December 4th

Hello bookworms!!

I’m sure most of y’all have heard of #Tropeathon before but for those of you who haven’t it is a readathon that I cohost with my friend Michelle every few months. It’s centered around tropes. Of course, Michelle and I are avid romance readers, but we include a wide range of different tropes that way those of you who don’t particularly like romance can join in as well.

This round is Fantasy based and we have a bingo board as well as an Instagram challenge for y’all this time. The bingo board has 14 tropes plus a free space, and you can read as much or as little as you want. You can use one book for multiple prompts, or you can do a different book for each prompt whatever works best for you.

As for the Instagram challenge we have 4 prompts to do on specific days throughout November. You can post a picture or a reel/video or just share in your stories just be sure to tag us or use #Tropeathon so we can be sure to see all of your posts. Also, this round Michelle went above and beyond with creating different templates that we can use to keep up with our reading throughout the readathon. All of the templates will be saved in my tropeathon highlight on Instagram if that’s easier for y’all to get them.

Really this is a laid back readathon with pretty much no rules but to have fun. The only thing we ask is that you please tag us on social media and use #Tropeathon so we don’t miss any of your posts. All of our links will be listed below.








I think I shared everything I needed to share in this post. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to either of us. We hope y’all will join us for this round of #Tropeathon starting on November 14th. 



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