The Placeholder By Lynda Wolters @rararesources

The Placeholder


Title: The Placeholder

Author: Lynda Wolters

Publication Date: November 1,2022

Genre: Fiction (Women’s Fiction, Romance, Contemporary)

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Thelma and Louise meets Eat, Pray, Love meets Me Before You.

Middle-aged Serenade Kincaid has lost everything: her stepchildren, her house, half her earnings, her sports car, and her husband, all to a decades younger–and more fertile–woman.

Sera now drinks boxed wine from a plastic cup as she attempts to start over from her new home, a seedy motel, as she kills time scrolling dating apps in search of a semi-decent-not-mass-murderer-please-just-spend-time-with-me port in the storm.

As Sera discontentedly leapfrogs through men, her snarky, meddling boss and sometimes-best friend, Carolyn, encourages her to focus more on finding a friend with benefits, just until Prince Charming comes along, of course. Zac fits the bill.

He’s a self-proclaimed “unsuitable boyfriend” who looks to have jumped straight from the pages of a romance novel. Zac also insists he is only looking for some fun, which is perfect for Sera.

Cue the booty calls. And wow, are they hitting the spot. But just when Sera is starting to figure herself out, get her life back on track and think she may have found someone, life takes a sharp left. And all fun and games come to a screeching halt.

Now, Sera, Zac, and Carolyn must race against time to disentangle their web of lies and deceit before it’s too late.

The Placeholder is an unconventional, unforgettable, unputdownable story of loss and love.

My Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I want to thank the author for sending me a copy of this book via Rachel’s Random Resources in exchange for my honest review. I was meant to share my review during the blog tour at the beginning of the month, but I had some unexpected family stuff come up and wasn’t able to finish reading the book on time. I have since finished it and I’m now ready to share my thoughts on it with you today.

When I first read the synopsis, I thought this book could be something I would enjoy but unfortunately that wasn’t really the case. To start off this book is slow going. I struggled to read it. It took me a little over a month to finally finish it and I usually finish books in 2-3 days. I also really didn’t like the main character, Sera. She was so infuriating. She made one stupid decision after the other even after she realized what she was doing she still kept doing it despite the consequences. Every man she was with was horrible in some way and on more than one occasion there were some major consequences, but she just could seem to help herself. I’m not saying that she deserved everything that happened to her because she was making stupid decisions because I don’t believe anyone deserves to be raped or slut shamed or anything like that no matter what. It just infuriated me so much that she knew she was making all these stupid decisions, but she just went on and kept doing it. 

Also, I don’t like when books are in the middle of a scene, and we are about to get to the good part when we start on another chapter and we’ve someone jumped ahead in time and instead of getting shown what happened we are very casually and quickly being told what happened. Even with all of the negative things I have to say about this book I still found myself not being able to give up on the book. It’s like that saying “It’s like a trainwreck, you just can’t look away. That’s kind of how this book made me feel. The author had a way with her words. Even though I was so mad while reading it she made me keep wanting to read it and she had me tearing up a little bit in the end. 

There are a lot of trigger warnings for this book so look into that before reading it. While this book didn’t work for me, I would totally give this author another chance. 



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