Birthday Celebrations!! #Blogmas


Hello bookworms!!

I know I have been talking about my birthday a lot lately and I am sure y’all are tired of hearing about it, but I wanted to share what I got up to yesterday because it was a really great day and it’s probably one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a really long time. I promise this will be the last time I talk about it this year. I had a lot of phone calls and texts from family and a lot of messages across social media so a big thank you to everyone who made my day special. To start off the day I was gifted 2 eBooks from a really good friend, but I am going to wait to share those in a different post just in case some books show up in the mail. Me and my husband left the house around 8:30 to do everything I wanted to do before my doctor’s appointment at 11. Yes, I had a doctor’s appointment on my birthday but luckily it ended up being a quick in and out thing. 

The first place we went was Bath and Body Works. I had to take advantage of the candle sale. I do this every year because it’s the only time of year they are marked down this low. I usually only get 2 candles but this year I decided to treat myself and got 3. the 3 candles I got were Merry Cookie, Marshmallow Fireside and ‘Tis the Season. I also had a coupon for a free full-sized body care item, so I got the Vanilla Bean Noel Ultimate Hydrating Body Cream which is one of my favorite scents this time of year. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know there for a while I was really obsessed with Starbucks for a while and would get like 3-4 a week. Well since my car broke down on me, I haven’t been able to get them, so I told my husband I wanted one for my birthday. If your curious my go to is a Caramel Frappuccino and I have them line the cup in caramel. It’s so freaking good especially for a person who isn’t the biggest fan of the taste of coffee. After that we went to Hardees for breakfast because biscuits and gravy are a staple favorite. After this was the point that I went to the doctor but like I said it was quick and painless and after that we went back home.

My friends came to pick me up around 4 because we were going to look at Christmas lights which if you don’t know is one of my favorite things to do this time of year and getting to do it on my birthday was that much more special, but I am getting ahead of myself. First off, they bought me a candle for my birthday. They got me the Twisted Peppermint which is one of my favorite scents for this time of year and it’s also usually one I buy for myself, but I still had one from last year, so I decided to try new ones this year but luckily, I ended up with one anyways. We then went to the place where we were going to look at Christmas lights which was an hour drive from where we live. I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures because it’s hard to take pictures and push a wheelchair at the same time, but I did get a few. My favorite one is the one of me in the ornament. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this at some point on my blog, but I love black and white cows. Don’t ask me why I just do. They had a few cows there 2 of which you see the other one they were using to teach people how to milk a cow, but I wasn’t able to get a good picture of it. When I first saw these cows, I thought they looked huge. I’ve been next to a cow before, and I didn’t remember them being so big. And they aren’t usually so big. Apparently, the cows that were there last night were Chianina’s which are the largest breed of cows in the world. When I tell you these things were huge, I’m not exaggerating. I felt like a dwarf next to these things. I mean technically I am a dwarf next to everything, but this was on a whole other level. They are apparently bigger than horses. Now don’t hold me to these facts I am just going off of what someone told me. We ended the night by going to a Hibachi restaurant where they cook your food in front of you. I’ve been to places like this before but not all that often, so this was another little treat, and as we were getting ready to leave 2 of the workers along with my friends sang happy birthday to me. I ended up getting home a little after 11 and didn’t go to bed until after 12 so needless to say today I am tired and I’m just going to rest for the day. I did wake up earlier than I wanted to today but it’s kind of a good thing because it meant I got to call my brother and wish him a happy birthday earlier than I usually would. Yes, my birthday is December 2 and my brothers is December 3.

Well. that’s all for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I did for my birthday and like I said I promise I won’t talk about my birthday again this year. I just realized that that is a total lie because I plan on sharing a birthday book haul at some point. Whoops I didn’t mean to lie!! I will only talk about it one more time after this. What have you been up to. What is the best birthday you’ve had and when was it?





16 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations!! #Blogmas

  1. It sounds like your birthday was awesome!!! What a busy but amazing day 🥰 I’m so glad you had so much fun. I haven’t had a hibachi dinner in forever and I’m drooling a little thinking about it! Before COVID, we did hibachi for one or two birthdays in my family per year just so we would all have an excuse to go lol

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    1. It was the best day!! That’s part of the reason I’ve been so exhausted this weekend. I’m not used to going places so that wore me out. I can’t even remember the last time I had Hibachi. It’s been several years I’m sure. I only go with my friends because my husband isn’t a people person lol. He hates big crowds.

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