Another Update On My Husband

Hello bookworms!!

I just want to start this post off saying I’m sorry that I haven’t had a lot of book related posts recently. Even though this is primarily a book blog I like to share other aspects of my life on here as well because talking about things helps me. I promise there will be more bookish posts soon.

This wasn’t what I initially planned to post today but we heard back from the doctor about the pathology report and I just wanted to share it with y’all. As you all know my husband had the left side of his thyroid removed on June 19th and he has been doing amazingly with his recovery. He was already planning on going back to work. Because the enlarged nodule was so huge his doctor decided to send it off for more testing just to be sure and I am so glad he did.

The doctor called yesterday afternoon and informed my husband that they found 3-4 places that were cancerous so he wants to go back in and remove the rest of his thyroid. He said with him just having a surgery it will be easier and quicker this time around. They have scheduled him to have this surgery on Wednesday 3rd at 12:30 but they want him there at 10:30. Last time we only had to be there an hour early so I am assuming it’s because everything has been over the phone and he wants to talk to us in person before hand.

I am trying to be strong for my husband because he is stressing out about being out of work even longer but honestly I feel like crying. When I hear the word cancer I think of the worst. I don’t really know anything about thyroid cancer and I have so many questions. When they take the rest of it out is that it? Is the cancer gone? What are the chances of it coming back or spreading?  I know some cancers are curable and maybe this is one of those but I feel very clueless right now.

That’s all I have for today guys. Sorry again for my lack of book posts but I will be doing my end of the month posts soon so there will be more book talk. Please just keep him in your thoughts and prayers and send positive vibes our way, it would be very appreciated.


14 thoughts on “Another Update On My Husband

  1. Wishing your husband the best with his recovery, and sending thoughts of love and strength to you. It sounds very difficult to deal with. I hope the surgery goes well 💕

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  2. Sending you lots of support and well wishes! I hope everything goes okay – and I’m sure it will! please don’t apologise, we are here and supporting you whether your posts are about work, books or life.
    -Emma 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! He had his surgery yesterday. He’s in a lot more pain this time around but he’s doing pretty good. His post op appointment is next week and we should have the results from pathology then so fingers crossed this has cleaned it all out.

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