Blogmas Announcement!!


Hello bookworms!!

I have a short post for y’all today. I just wanted to get on here to say that I am going to be attempting to do Blogmas for the first time this year. I have posted everyday in a month before so it should be doable for me but it hasw been a while since I’ve done that so we will see if I stick to it.

For the most part my posts are going to be my usual posts. I will post reviews, tags, wrapups etc. but I will try to include a Christmas related post here and there. So yeah that’s all I wanted to share today. Are you going to be participating in Blogmas this year?


25 thoughts on “Blogmas Announcement!!

  1. I’m doing Blogmas for the first time this year!! It’s a bit crazy considering that I’m also trying to finish off a semester at college but I’m so excited. Will follow you and can’t wait to see what you post! 😸

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