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January Wrap Up 2018

Wrap Up

Hello bookworms!!

I have been doing weekly wrap ups for a while now but I have been thinking about going back to my monthly wrap ups. I have a poll up on twitter so I would love it if y’all clicked the link and voted on what y’all want to see. I did weekly wrap ups for January but I decided I wanted to do this monthly wrap up as well. So today I am going to be talking about all of the books I managed to read this month as well as some other stuff like what I’ve been watching and listening too so lets just jump right in shall we. Oh you might want to get a snack because this is kind of a long one sorry guys.


# of books read: 10

# of pages read: 2,681

  1. Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco (4.5 stars)
  2. You by Caroline Kepnes (2 stars)
  3. Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo (4 stars)
  4. No-One Ever Has Sex On Christmas Day by Tracy Bloom (1 star DNF @ 36%)
  5. Back to Good by Laura Benson (3 stars)
  6. One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid (4 stars)
  7. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne (4.5 stars)
  8. Postcards from France by Megan McNeill Libby (3 stars)
  9. Now You Can See by Jessica L Tate (4 stars)

The links will take you to my Goodreads review. I know I have only listed 9 books but I also beta read a book for an author so I can’t really talk about that one yet. So a goal of mine for this year was to be more choosey with what books I give 5 stars and I think I’m doing pretty good so far. I haven’t given a book 5 stars yet but 2 came really close.


In January I watched 6 movies and 1 TV show. I’m surprised I actually watched so much this month because I normally don’t spend that much time watching movies/TV shows. I will leave a link to the trailers on YouTube if I can find them.


I wanted to finish reading the book before I watched the movie but my husband decided to rent it so I watched it with him. I hate clowns but some how I managed to not cover my face or turn away when the clown appeared. I did get a bit confused but I think that’s because I haven’t read the book yet and I never watched the mini series so I didn’t know what was going on.

Dirty Dancing

Wow I just realized this movie came out a year before I was born. Anyway I have watched this movie so many times and it never gets old.

Rip Tide

I came across this on Netflix when I was trying to find something to watch that I haven’t seen a million times already. I definitely thought it was a cute movie but the acting wasn’t always great.

The Conjuring

Another movie I watched with my husband and honestly I don’t really know what I think of this one. It held my interest throughout but once it ended I was like what was that.

47 Meters Down

I found this on Netflix. Me and my husband saw a trailer for it not to long ago so I thought it was going to be coming out soon but apparently it came out last year. I honestly decided to watch it because it had Mandy Moore in it but it was such a waste. I literally skipped through parts of the movie because it was just them shining a flashlight around looking for the shark.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

I watched this with my husband as well. I actually really liked this one. I loved the humor in it but my husband didn’t. He said it was trying to hard to be funny.


In January I managed to rewatch the entire first season of Charmed and I watched a few episodes of season 2. I haven’t watched this show in a while and honestly I’m not really sure if I’ve watched every season before so I thought it was time for a rewatch. Obviously if I am rewatching it you know I love it.


The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

I watched The Greatest Showman back in December and I have been obsessed ever since. I’ve wanted to watch it again ever since I seen it the first time but the soundtrack is holding me over until the DVD comes out.

Camila Cabello new album Camila

I loved Camila in Fifth Harmony but I have to say I love her even more on her on. Her full album was on Amazon Music for a week or two earlier this month and during that time I listened to it non stop. I love the entire album but Consequences is definitely one of my favorites.

Challenge Stats

  • Goodreads – 10/100 books read
  • Pages Read  2,681/24,000
  • Alphabet Soup – 8/26 books read

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