My Trip To Mineral Bluff Georgia 9/13-9/18

Hello bookworms!!

I have another vacation post to share with you today. It’s not going to be as exciting as the one I shared with y’all last month but I have a lot of pictures to share. Every year pretty much my granny and her 2 daughters go on a trip and they usually invite me along. Luckily I don’t work so I am usually always able to tag along. I don’t get to see them very often so these yearly trips are a way for us to all catch up. I wanted to share what all we got up to which honestly wasn’t a whole lot but I will get into that later. There will still be some talk about books but mostly its going to be pictures. I hope you enjoy.

DAY 1: Luckily this trip I didn’t have to do any of the driving so I wasn’t stressed out. They showed up to my house around 12. If you didn’t know I live in Georgia and the place we were going was only an hour and a half away from where I live. Check in time at the cabin was 4 but they let us in early because we were there around 2. We unloaded the car and looked around and then we were off to find supper and to go to Walmart. The town where we stayed didn’t have a lot to choose from so we ended up eating at Arby’s. When we went to Walmart everybody kind of went their separate ways to get what they needed. Can you guess where I went? If you guessed to the books then you were right. I can’t go into a Walmart without looking at the books. Every time I go to a new place I have started trying to get at least one new book and since I wasn’t sure if there was going to be any book stores I ended up picking one up at Walmart. After that we just went back to the cabin and relaxed.

Excuse the unmade beds I forgot to take pictures when we first got there. The first couple of nights I shared the room with the two beds in it with my granny but that bed was killing me. Every morning I woke up with my back and my hip hurting so the last few days I ended up sleeping on the couch which was so much better. There was also a loft but again your girl forgot to take pictures. We were right on the river which was nice and we were able to do some fishing. I only fished once but didn’t catch anything. My aunts fished pretty much every day and caught several. Have any of you read I Lost My Way by Gayle Forman? If so what did you think?

DAY 2: We did this self guided tour around the river which ended up being crap and a waste of like 2 hours because we didn’t see anything. After we made it around we ended up going to Mercier Orchards and looked around and got to try samples of a donut. I was too busy eating it to take pictures sorry but it was so good. I really wanted some blueberries but it wasn’t the season for them. It was however apple season. I’m not big on apples so I didn’t get any of those but my aunt did. I ended up getting a small jar of blueberry preserves because I really wanted blueberry but unfortunately when I got home I tried it and didn’t like it so my husband gets to eat that. I also bought a jar of habanero hot sauce, mostly for my husband but for me to and man is that stuff hot but it is really good. After that we just went back to the cabin for the rest of the day because my granny was tired.

DAY 3: On Saturday we planned to go to this festival called Blue Ridge Blues and BBQ. My aunt really wanted to go to this because she was hoping to get some BBQ. It unfortunately also ended up being a waste of money and time. We had to pay for parking and also pay to get in. They literally had nothing but a lot of food which was overly priced. They wanted $12 for a BBQ sandwich. Since that didn’t work out we decided to go to Brasstown Bald which is a place where you go up a mountain and park and then a shuttle takes you up the rest of the way so you can look at the view. You can see 4 different states including the one you’re in. Those states are Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. One thing that annoyed me but didn’t take away from my enjoyment was how the shuttle wasn’t wheelchair accessible. Dogs and everything/everyone else could get on but I couldn’t so we ended up having to drive up ourselves which is good that that was allowed but still I don’t think that was right considering once we got up there everything was wheelchair accessible with an elevator and all. Sorry rant over. Anyways we took a lot of pictures and after that we went to the store to get our food for supper because we planned on having steaks. We then went back to the cabin cooked, ate, and relaxed.


All of these photos were taken at Brasstown Bald except for the last picture. The pictures don’t even do this justice. The view is amazing in person and I bet it would look even better after the leaves have changed. I don’t eat steak well ever because it can be a little expensive. We almost didn’t eat it then because of the price but we persevered and ended up being able to get 4 steaks for $13 which was such a deal after everything we looked at. It ended up being so good and of course I ate to much.

DAY 4 & 5: On these days we did a little riding around trying to find shops where we could find souvenirs but there wasn’t anywhere around that sold stuff like that. I did manage to buy me a shirt from one of the shops we went into. It was a little pricy but once I saw it I couldn’t talk myself out of buying it. I also picked up a long sleeve shirt that I couldn’t talk myself out of buying from Walmart. Since we couldn’t really find anything we ended up going back to the cabin and relaxing and we played Yahtzee which we had already done several times throughout the week.


The first picture is of the shirt I just had to have. I ended up taking a picture of myself with the river in the background because I was bored lol. And the last picture was of us playing Yahtzee. I’m playing as well I was just the one taking the picture. Please don’t pay any attention to how bad I look in these pictures.

DAY 6: Leaving day!! While I was sad for my time with my family to be ending I was ready to get home to my husband and my bed. We all ended up waking up super early for some reason on this day. I think it was like 6am or something. We all had our showers and got ready and they had their morning coffees and then we started loading the car. Check out time was 11 but we were gone by 9. All week we had been coming and going and on the day that we are leaving out we see a family of deer. They were so close at least closer than I have ever been to one and we were able to take picture. We stopped and got breakfast at a place I think it was just called Blairsville Restaurant. While I thought my food was good the service was awful. I even watched a man who had already ordered his food leave because he didn’t have time to wait. We also tried to find some shops on the way back home because my aunt really wanted a souvenir but we still didn’t have much luck. I think I made it back home around 12 or 1 I can’t really remember though.


We got 2 pictures each for these. The first ones being taken normally and the second ones zoomed in. There were other deer but they were further away and you couldn’t see them as clearly in the pictures.

That’s it for my time in Mineral Bluff Georgia. While there was next to nothing to do while we were there we still had fun just spending time with each other. I think the best part of the trip was us going to Brasstown Bald. I was also able to start and finish a book while I was there and that book was Nice Try, Afton by Brent Jones. I hope you enjoyed this post. I know it’s not my usual bookish posts I just like sharing other aspects of my life with you guys every now and then.



9 thoughts on “My Trip To Mineral Bluff Georgia 9/13-9/18

    1. Thank you!! Yeah it’s bound to happen but I still really enjoyed it. Yeah the few in person is amazing. I want to go back when the leaves have changes colors I think that will be stunning. Thank you!! I probably want be doing anymore trips until this time next year.

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      1. True but the only trips I take are to visit my mom and sister and then when my Granny goes on her trips. Maybe one day me and my husband will be able to take a trip together but we can’t afford to go anywhere right now.

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