25 Bookish facts about me

With this being my first blog post I thought I would tell y’all 25 bookish facts about me that way you can get to know me a little. So lets just jump right in.

  1. When I was younger I absolutely hated to read. The older I have gotten the more I have grown to love it.
  2. My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks.
  3. For right now most of the books I read I check out from the library.
  4. I can only read one book at a time. If I start trying to read more than one I get lost and confused and I can’t keep up.
  5. My Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw.
  6. My Ilvermorny house is Pukwudgie.
  7. The book series that got me back into reading was Twilight.
  8. My favorite trilogy I have ever read is The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.
  9. After reading TID Cassandra Clare has became one of my favorite authors.
  10. I prefer actual books over ebooks but with that being said I do have quite a lot of ebooks.
  11. I have never listened to an audiobook.
  12. I just discovered bookstagram and booktube this year.
  13. I am a book crier.
  14. I always have a book in my purse everywhere I go.
  15. I have never read any of the classic books but I would love to.
  16. I hardly ever buy a book brand new unless it is something  I have been really wanting.
  17. I have never met an author in person.
  18. When I read my husband is usually watching T.V. and I cant concentrate so I end up putting my headphones in and  listening to ocean sounds on YouTube.
  19. I have a really bad habit of skipping to the end of the book I am reading and reading the last couple of pages so I will know how it ends before I even finish it. I don’t do this with every book I read but I do it a pretty good bit.
  20. My goodreads reading challenge is to read 50 books in 2016 and so far I have read 28.
  21. I watched the Harry Potter movies before I read the books.
  22. I still haven’t read The Mortal Instruments series.
  23. I just bought my very first comic books.
  24. I’ve never read or watched Outlander and Game of Thrones.
  25. My favorite genres are romance and young adult.

Well that is 25 bookish facts about me and surprisingly it was a little bit difficult to think of that many facts. I hope you enjoy this and I look forward to posting more.

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