October TBR


Hello bookworms!!

Once again I think I am setting a pretty ambitious TBR. I have my book club book, plus a buddy read, a monthly reading challenge, and a readathon that I plan on participating in. This month I will be staying at home so hopefully it will be a little more doable. Ok lets get to what y’all are here for, the books.


As I am sure y’all know by now I participate in an online book club that Zuky from BookBum created. Every month Zuky picks a theme and then you can choose whatever book you want to read that fits the theme. For more info and to join in check out the Goodreads Page.

 HORRORWEEN Read a horror book for the month of Halloween!

So obviously the first thing that comes to mind is Stephen King. I own a couple of his books that I haven’t read yet but I am saving those so I had to figure out something else. I browsed through Goodreads Best Horror list and saw that two of the books I had already planned on reading for something else was on the list so that was perfect. The two books that will work for this prompt are:

Reading Challenge

In September I participated in Kathy’s Sequel September Challenge and didn’t do as well as I hoped. This month I am participating in OWNtober. The premise for this reading challenge is to read books you already own. Pretty much all of the books I am going to mention in this post are books that I own most of which will work for other challenges so I will talk about them there but the few books that I just hope to read on top of everything else I plan to read are:


Kayla from Books and Lala on YouTube is hosting the spookathon again this year and I decided to participate this time. This year the spookathon runs from October 15 – October 21 and there are 5 challenges to go along with it. Also you are allowed to double up on prompts so if I don’t manage to read every book I can use the books that I did read for another prompt if they fit.


read a thriller

You only need to read one book but I couldn’t decide which one of these I wanted to read so I just added all three of them to my TBR for this month.

read a book with purple on the cover

Love Letters to the Dead

Also if for some reason I don’t get to Escaping from Houdini before this readathon starts that can count for this prompt as well

read a book not set in the current time period


One of my picks for the book club actually worked for this prompt so that helped.

read a book with a spooky word in the title


This is another book that could work for the purple on the cover prompt.

read a book with pictures

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Illustrated)

I am pretty sure this is the only book I own that has pictures in it which is a good thing because I have been meaning to read it since my husband got it for me last year.

ARCs/Review Copies I NEED To Read

I have other ARCs and review copies but these are the 4 I need to get to ASAP!!


As always if Noriko and Lili host their 24 hour readathon at the end of the month I will be trying to participate in that as well. So these are my plans for October. Can I do it? I sure hope so but I am kind of doubting I will because most of these books aren’t short. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What are you planning to read this month?


26 thoughts on “October TBR

    1. Have you read it before?? I honestly don’t know much about it. A YouTuber that I follow buddy reads her classics and this month the choices were Rebecca or Pride and Prejudice. Seeing as how I’ve already DNFed Pride and Prejudice I figured I’d give Rebecca a shot. I want to read more classics anyway so this helps.

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      1. I have read it. It’s one of my favorite books. It’s a typical ‘classic’ in terms of a lot of descriptions and imagery, but the plot is strong. You have to decide who is the person behind all the ghostly drama…. and remember it’s from 100+ years ago, so the approach is a lot different than now. Only saying it because I know some readers have responded that it’s not gothic enough for them, but it is for the time period. That housekeeper, oh my!

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      2. We are going to be reading 2 chapters a day starting on the 7 which will end up taking us a couple weeks to finish. You know how I am with classics so I hope I’m able to get into it. I borrowed the book from the library and I also have the audiobook of it on scribd. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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  1. I’ve only read Harry Potter, and that’s it. I can’t wait to read Escaping from Houdini, though. Seeing as how I’m focusing on books that I own this month I’ll most likely read it next month and borrow it from the library.

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    1. My husband bought me the illustrated Harry Potter last year sometime and so far I still haven’t read it but I have read the story before of course lol. I’m currently halfway through Escaping from Houdini and I’m loving it but at the same time there are things happening that I don’t love. Im participating in Kathy’s OWNtober as well so I am focusing on books I own mostly. This one counts for me since I preordered it a couple months ago and got it last month. I never preorder books but I just had to have this one because I love this series and I want all of the books.


  2. Good luck with Rebecca! I’ve heard that one is super intense but I still want to give it a go one day anyway. Frankenstein is one of my favorite classics so I favor that one.

    I’ve read THE WIFE BETWEEN US, EMMA IN THE NIGHT & THE CRUEL PRINCE and I absolutely LOVED them. Especially EMMA & THE CRUEL PRINCE. I devoured both of those. Can’t wait to see your thoughts on them! Good luck on the TBR! YOU CAN DO IT!

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    1. I don’t really know that many ch about Rebecca besides what it say in the synopsis. I am about to be starting that one now. I’ve really only been reading classics starting this year so I’m hoping to find some that I like.

      I’m excited for all of those I just hope I’m able to get through all of them. Thank you so much!!

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      1. If you’re starting classics, I highly recommend Anne of Green Gables if you haven’t got to that one yet. Its one of my all time favorites.

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