September Bookshelf Challenge TBR


Hello bookworms!!

Last month I started the Bookshelf Challenge and today I am here to talk about how I did in August and to share my September Bookshelf Challenge TBR. If you want to know all of the rules you can read those here. So August wasn’t a complete success but it wasn’t a failure either. I implemented this challenge to further help me read my owned TBR and while I didn’t read all 3 books I did read 2 of them so that’s progress in my eyes. Anyways here’s what I should have read in August and what I actually read.

I read all of these except for Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer. So I don’t get a reward of being able to buy a new book but I do have to add another book to Septembers TBR which is a bummer. Instead of rolling 4 times I have decided to keep Letters to the Lost on my TBR because I really want to read it. If you missed my reviews for either of the books I did manage to read you can read them here and here. So now on to the 3 rolls for September.

First Roll #60 – The 60th book on my Shelf was The One by Kiera Cass. Well technically it was another book in the series but I went with the earliest one in the series that I hadnt read yet. I have this entire series on my shelf but I haven’t been in any hurry to finish it becasue the first 2 books weren’t favorites but I did like them so it will be nice to continue on with this series.The One

Second Roll #116 – The 116th book on my shelf was Fairest which I am really excited about. When I landed on this I thought I was going to have to read Winter first but luckily I can read Fairest in between book 3 and book 4 and that made me really happy because Winter is a chunky book.


Third Roll #12 – The 12th book on my shelf just happened to be one of the historical books I just bought. I had recently put them all on the top shelf because they were the lightest books. The one I landed on was Highland Fire by Veronica Sattler. I have no clue what this one is about but I just hope I end up liking it. 

Highland Fire

Those are the 3 books for September as well as the roll over book from August. I hope I read all of them because it would be nice to get rewarded every now and then. I of course plan to read more than just these books in the month. Also pleas let me know if any of the formatting on my post is weird. The day I am typing this up (9/3) WordPress switched me to the new editor. I have managed to figure out how to still use the classic editor but it’s not completely the same so I am learning. 


19 thoughts on “September Bookshelf Challenge TBR

  1. Everything looks great, you didn’t mess up the formatting don’t worry! I just got the new editor as well and it’s a bit confusing at first.. hopefully we’ll get the hang of it! Also, Letters to the Lost is one of my all time favorite contmporaries! I really hope you love it

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  2. 2/3 is not too bad. I think I need to do this as well. I have soooooo many physical books that I own and do not seem to get to any of them. This month is full, but I will try this for October. Not sure if I will use a number generator as I do not want to count all the books and they are rather haphazard. Great idea, Misty.

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    1. That’s exactly why I started this challenge for myself. I tend to not read my owned TBR as much. Oh I hope you try it out you can always just close your eyes and whatever book you touch is the one you pick. Also is this comment 2 of 3? If so this is the only one I’m seeing.


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