#Tropeathon Round 4 Announcement


Hello bookworms!!

I already shared this but I left some things out so I thought I would reshare it so y’all would have all of the information. Hopefully this time I haven’t forgotten anything. I’m here to announce the next round of Tropeathon. This readathon is hosted by me and Michelle. Each round has been different and that goes for this round as well. This round is going to go from February 14 to February 28. So, you have 2 weeks to read as much or as little as you want. This time we have created a maze. There are 3 different paths you can choose from, and each path has four tropes. You can choose to do how many ever paths you want depending on how much reading you think you can get done in 2 weeks. You can double up on the prompts but only if you choose to do more than one path. You can’t use the same book more than once on the same path. If you have any questions about the rules don’t hesitate to ask me or Michelle. And if you aren’t sure about the tropes reach out to one of us and we will clear up any confusion. There are links below if you like to have a printout. We have a full color board like the one you see below, and we have a blank one that you can fill in with the title of the book or any other way you like to keep track.


Blank Maze Board Print Out     Full Color Board Print Out

February is the month of love so there are some romance tropes on here, but we also included tropes that could work for other genres as well but feel free to read whatever you want so long as the tropes make an appearance in them. As I mentioned above there are 3 paths which are marked with the arrows so I will just call them the purple, red and yellow paths.

Purple Path

  • Hate to love: This is where the characters initially hate each other in the beginning and grow to love each other throughout the book.
  • On The Run: One or both of our main characters are wanted or has to escape for whatever reason.
  • Arranged Marriage: A marriage in which the spouses are chosen for each other by their parents.
  • Pick Your own Trope: You choose the trope you want to read.

Red Path

  • Childhood friends: Our main characters have been friends since they were kids. This could be a romance, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a romance just so long as the main characters have been lifelong friends.
  • Sports: There has to be some kind of sport mentioned in the book. Again, this could be a sports romance, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be romance just so long as there is mention of a sport.
  • Starting Over: One or both of our main characters needs a new beginning.
  • Pick Your own Trope: You choose the trope you want to read.

Yellow Path

  • Missing Person: Someone in the book has disappeared.
  • Taboo: There’s a taboo subject discussed in the book. This could be age gap romance or anything that you would consider to be a taboo subject matter.
  • Train to Succeed: One or both of our main characters are training to become something else. Like training at a new job or to save the world etc.
  • Pick your own Trope: You choose the trope you want to read.

That’s all I have for today’s post. I almost forgot to mention you can follow Tropeathon1 on twitter and use the #Tropeathon for any questions you have and to let us know that you plan to join and what you hope to read. We will be sharing our TBRs for this a little closer to the start of the readathon and we will also be sharing recommendation posts on our blogs as well so keep an eye out for those. I hope y’all will join us!!


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